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Thursday, 11 September 2014

NOTD: Barry M Silk 'Pearl'

I already owned and loved the Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Heather (posted about it here) it's the most beautiful lilac shade and the matte/pearl finish is very unique and purdy. However, I wasn't sure I felt about 'Pearl' (this white shade) and to be honest, I'm still not wholly sure.

I love a good white nail, but the simpler the better; a plain, shimmerless, matte finish for me thanks. I bought this thinking it might be a fun alternative to a 'plain' white nail, maybe a little less harsh to wear. It was kind of an odd purchase as I generally am a) not that into pearly/shimmery finishes and b) I don't like 'off white' colours; anything cream or ... y'know, almost white but not quite. So yeah, weird purchase for me this one!

I think this would look amazing with a tan, a great Summer polish, but for me... well, I'm not sure it's quite my cup of tea,

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