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Friday, 19 September 2014

NOTD: Rimmel Salon Pro "Stormy Skies"

I think I might have mentioned a couple (of hundred) times before that I'm a big fan of the Rimmel Salon Pro nail varnishes.Dat brush man, dat brush. They are a joy to work with - and that's coming from someone who can only do NOTD posts about once out of every five times I do my nails, 'cos usually I do such a bad job of it!

This particular shade is a beautiful dusky, cornflour blue. It's a little akin to Essie's Truth or Flare, but more blue. I love these kinds of shades and wear them a lot, so it's nice to add one to the collection for I actually like the application process.

Also, I actually managed to pick this up for £1.99 in a Watt Brothers in Glasgow - and they had LOADS of colours and other brilliant stuff, so I'd pop down and check your local Watt Brothers out if you have one!

Also, a little public service announcement: I'm still in Florida soakin' up rays and riding roller coasters, but remember posts are still going up every other day, and I'm reachable by Twitter (@kittyblackadder) and by email (!
Thanks for reading!

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