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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Seventeen Makeup Haul

I've never been interested in Seventeen (or is it '17' ?) makeup until recently. I always just kind of swerved it in Boots; to me it looked cheap and seriously uninspired. Well recently Seventeen have repackaged a lot of their makeup and also my local Boots ripped the grubby, broken counter out and replaced it with a super sleek new one, and I was suddenly and superficially drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Something else that probably helped is that it was on buy one get one half price at the time .... what?!?! We all know I love a bargain!

Lip Crayon in Hearbreaker, Stay Pout Lipstick in Saintly and Mirror Shine Lipstick in Flirty

The lip crayon was an instant hit with me; pigmented, smooth and not drying on my lips (and, at £4.99 it's a good chunk cheaper than the Revlon version...), the only reason I haven't worn it basically everyday is Heartbreaker is quite a wintery, deep red.

I then picked up Saintly a super pale pink, almost frosted shade from the Stay Pout lipstick line. First off, the packaging on these, love it. It's a kind of matte black with erm... shiny black stripes.... I'm aware that's a terrible description, but honestly it's very cute and looks way more expensive than the price it is - £4.49 each. In terms of the actual lipstick, I like it. I wouldn't say it's amazing but for the price it really is a great product.

Lastly, for my lips anyway, I picked up Flirty which is a relatively nude, candy pink shade,  from the Mirror Shine lipstick range. For £4.79 this product has a nice added bonus, a mirror in the lid - handy! However, I'm afraid to say I don't like this lipstick! I think I may just have chosen a bad colour (I ordered this online you see...) because it's a nice shade of pink, but it has like gold glitter through it and it looks pretty cheap and plasticy when applied, and more so as the colour wears off and I'm left with gold glitter lips!

Single eyeshadow in *unknown* (the label has been ripped off my tub *cough* woopsies, and it isn't listed online...), Eye Trio in In the Nude and Smokey Eye Trio in Midnight.

These shadows are just excellent, I cannot believe they weren't on my radar for so long! The individual, mystery shadow is a kind of pinky toned taupe - that's not normally 'me' but this one is just so pretty I couldn't say no! 

The In the Nude eye trio consists of three, probably not very surprisingly, nude shades.There's a pale champagne highlight shade, a kind of copper toned mid-shade and a deeper, slightly cool toned chocolate brown shade. All are shimmery and very wearable. It's such a dinky little compact to keep in your bag!

The Midnight Smokey Eye Trio is just beautiful. It contains two very shimmery shades; a taupe with gold shimmer running through it, a midnight blue with blue shimmer running through it and also, a matte shade; a deep chocolate brown. The shades work really well together, and are all wearable (yes, surprisingly, even the blue), but I do think this is more of a night out trio, for me at least. 

I picked this up because the colours are just so pretty; a metallic gold, an intensely shimmery moss green, and a less shimmery plum shade - but the reality is I don't know how much wear I'll get out of it. the Midnight trio has two neutral shades and one more out there colour, whereas this has two more out there shades with only one safe option... so we shall see.

And lastly I picked up a nail polish in the shade Royal Indigo. I need nail varnishes like I need a hole in the head, but this colour just spoke to me, y'know? It's a non-shimmery, lighter than plum, darker than... you know, lighter purples. It's just so simple and so pleasing. It's an autumn purple that's still kinda bright. I won't say too much more here as I have a review/NOTD post coming in in a week or so, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested!

And that's it! I apologise for the lack of photos here, I had ticked them off as being 'done' but when I came to publish, I realised they weren't, and normally I'd hold off publishing until I had sorted it, but, I didn't discover this until the night before we left for Florida and had of course packed away all the cameras and memory. Oops,

Anyway, I am still in Florida, I don't know how easy it'll be for me to see and respond to comments so please Tweet me @kittyblackadder if you have any questions! I am back to normal, daily posting on October 1st, but until then I have scheduled posts to go up every second day!

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