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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Top Drugstore Picks Under £10

I did a post last month talking about my favourite drugstore picks under £5, so although this says 'favourite drugstore picks under £10', it's actually 'my favourite drugstore products between £5.01 t0 £10.00' but that just isn't as catchy a title is it? So if you're looking for the first post, it's here. Also, seeing as I'm such a big drugstore fan, this post could have ended up being essentially a Boots catalogue, so I've decided to try and limit myself to 10 picks... let's see how that goes...

First pick that is an absolute no brainer for me, is the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, coming in at £7.99 each, that are a fantastic price for a lip product that is flattering, well formulated and actually gentle to lips. I own, erm, a few, but my absolute favourite is Creme Brulee - a super pale nude. I'll leave it here with these since I've already gone on, and on and oooooonnnnn  about them in previous posts. 

Then there's my second lip pick which comes from Bourjois, and it's their Rouge Edition Lipsticks - £7.99 each. These have such a fantastic finish; it's not matte, or glossy it's just... purdy* (*probably not the official name for the finish). The range of colours is also amazing, from 03 Peche Cosy a super pale and pastel-bright coral, to 18 Violine Strass, a deep plum-purple, there's a colour here for every style and season. 

Moving onto eyes now and mascara, boy is that a tough one to pick! I feel like mascara is something the drugstore does really well, so well in fact, that I've never tried a high end mascara! I'm a bit of a mascara flirt; I swap between them faster than a... well, I probably covered that in the flirt analogy. But a couple that I've actually come back to and repurchased (which is saying something..) are both from Maybelline and it's the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara (this would be my choice for a waterproof mascara if you need one) and also the Volum' Colossal Express Volume Mascara (I love both the waterproof and the non-waterproof). Both of these mascaras will give you seriously fierce lashes - though I would say the Rocket version is maybe a little more toned down; suitable for work, or folks who're not into mega lashes - assuming such a girl exists. 

I've written a few times about my distrust of drugstore eye shadows; I'm frequently disappointed in them (spoilt by years of Urban Decay usage) and therefore reluctant to try many new ones, however, I do have a pick here that I freaking love. It's probably no shock to anyone whose read my blog, or tried the shadows for themselves, I am of course talking about the Sleek i-Divine Eyshadow Palettes. I own, um, a couple let's say but my most worn is the Storm palette which has a good mix of neutrals, colours and has a couple of matte finishes thrown in with the more typical shimmery finishes. These shadows are very pigmented and blendable and have great staying power, there is however, some fall out on initial application.

I also do have another, far more recent drugstore eyeshadow fave and that's the Trio Eye Shadow from Seventeen - £5.49. I'm not going to go on much here, because I have a post coming up on these in a couple of days, but suffice to say I was really pleasantly surprised when I tried these. They're compact, they're well formulated and the colours are thoughtfully and sometimes, unusually put together.

I've also recently fallen in love with a new liquid eyeliner that fits right in this price range at £6.00, it's from Soap and Glory and it's the Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme. I've never been much of a fan of the felt tip style liners before, always preferred a brush and pot method, but this changed everything. Literally the first time I used it, I just felt like where have you been all my life??! And I'm not going to sit here and say it's turned me into a cat-flicking pro, but it's certainly eased the frustration enormously and sped up the process a lot. Plus, the finish on this in one coat is black, like, seriously black.

Onto foundation now and my top pick comes from Rimmel London and it's their Wake Me Up Foundation - £8.99. I have dry skin, and for me a part of that is it looking really dull and just lackluster - not to mention it makes bags under my eyes seem even more prominent. This foundation, firstly, it comes in a shade that actually is pale enough for my super fair skin, secondly, it offers great coverage for under eye bags and round-the-nose-redness and thirdly, it has a dewy, glowing finish that is basically the opposite of how my skin looks if left to its own devices. It makes me look healthy, sun kissed and lit from within - such a bargain for £8,99!

Sticking with face products and the blush I'd have to recommend would be the Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush - £7.99. These are so handy because they're compact, can be applied with your fingers and they also last, and last, and last on the skin. My favourite shade is Healthy Glow a light, coral shade which is not normally something I feel I suit, but this looks really natural, just like, well... a healthy glow.

And my last pick is a nail varnish, I mean really, there was no way I could do a post like this without including at least one! (and let's all take a minute to be proud of me that it is just one!) Although I said in my last post I could only use Barry M forevermore and be content... well, there's still no harm in trying other brands is there? My pick in this price range would be the Bourjois Paris So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish - £5.99. I think the colour range of these is fantastic - some really different offerings, and also the brush is very user friendly and the polish stays on pretty long without chipping - though I find that's always a little hard to gauge for me as I'm more than a little clumsy!

And that's it, those are my drugstore picks from £5.01 - £10.00! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them, please let me know in the comments below what some of your favourites are, I'd love to try some of them out. 

A little public service announcement: I'm still in Florida soakin' up rays and riding roller coasters, but remember posts are still going up every other day, and I'm reachable by Twitter (@kittyblackadder) and by email (!
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  1. Even though I haven't tried them the Rouge Edition lipstick and the Soap and Glory liner look like they could be my favourites from your list ;) xx

    1. Honestly, the Rouge Edition formula is just awesome, if you ever get the chance to try one out I strongly recommend it - a long lasting, not drying, brilliantly pigmented lip range, for sure!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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