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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Urban Decay Flushed Palette - Native

I'm not one for high end face products if I'm honest; I figure a time will probably come in my life when I need more from a face product; more to conceal, more glow to add, but for now, I guess my skin's OK, so I'll save myself some money while I can. I'm also not really one for bronzer. Bronzer is great, not just for contouring, but for adding some colour and a sunkissed look to folks who maybe don't acquire it on their own. I however, tend to find I am so pale, that adding any colour to my face just looks so painted on; no matter how light the shade, or if I pull a muscle blending it in so hard.

This may seem like a strange introductory paragraph to a review of a bronzer heavy, high end face product, but I wanted to provide some setting so that when I tell you - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT - it carries the correct amount of weight.

I don't even know what drew me to buy it really; I remember seeing photos of it and how pretty it was and I think that, coupled with my love for Urban Decay as a brand was enough to push me over the edge and get me to spend £22 on a product that by all rationale, I wouldn't like.

As ever with Urban Decay the packaging is top notch. It's sleek, well made and there's a huge mirror inside - and no space left for a little applicator nobody will use; it's all product in there baby.

Starting with the bronzer on the left then shall we? I've read a lot of late about beauty pros hunting down truly matte bronzers as they're so much more flattering. Well, like I said, I'm a bronzer noob, but this slightly shimmery bronzer is great on my skin. It's not too dark either, which has always been a crucial stumbling block between bronzers and I. I've used this for contouring, I've used it to make me look less like a corpse, I even wear it as blush a lot - and of course, having not used a lot of bronzer before, I pretty much suck at working with it, so the fact this still looks awesome when applied by a complete novice like me, is probably, in itself, a huge endorsement of the product. It just blends so well and it looks like a glow from within, rather than a brown powder being smeared over my face.

Onto the highlighter next and while I may be unsure of bronzers, I am not afraid to highlight a'plenty. The one in this palette is slightly pink toned, which I really like as I have pink-toned skin for sure. I often prefer cream highlighters as I feel they have more staying powder, but this one knocks the socks off every other highlighter I've ever tried - cream, powder or pencil, this one tops the lot. Again, I think it's how well it blends into your skin, rather than just sits on top of it, that really sets it apart.

And lastly, there's the blusher, which, truthfully, had I seen it on its own somewhere, I'm not sure I'd have picked it up as a first choice, but when used with the highlighter and bronzer in here, it just sort of works... which I guess is pretty much the point of a palette like this. It's either entirely matte or has a little bit of shimmer - struggling to tell whether it's highlighter spill-over, or it actually has shimmer in. Anyway, it's a kind of, I would say, almost Barbie pink and while it looks a bit 'meh' to me in the palette, on my cheeks again it works in so well it looks natural and effortless. Love it.

Overall I can't sing the praises of this palette enough; it's completely changed the way I do makeup. I feel a lot more confident when I'm a little bronzed and the application process doesn't stress me at all. As I said at the start, I'm not into high end face products for now, and this, at £22 may seem kinda steep. But honestly, I think it's fantastic value; you get a lot of product, it's so pigmented and creamy you only need to use a little at a time, you have the convenience of having them altogether and the benefit of having the three in shades that compliment each other. This is *drumroll* ..... *crowd gasps in suspense* ... A Holy Grail product.   

And that's it for today folks! Thanks so much for reading! Just a reminded; I'm in Florida and will be until the 1st October - in the mean time I will be posting every other day. :)
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  1. That pink blusher is such much nicer then the shade I have in my original palette. Hope your enjoying your holiday :) x
    Beauty with charm

    1. Thank you! Yeah I have to say, the blush shade has really grown on me - I thought it was a bit 'meh' but I find myself missing it, or reaching for it on days when I haven't planned on using it.

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