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Saturday, 11 October 2014

17 Royal Indigo Nail Polish

I generally try to avoid doing outright negative reviews; I mean, just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you, and just because something really annoys me, doesn't mean you'll even notice it. Plus, there are always a myriad of other factors that can affect an opinion; the mood I was in that day, my skills (or lack of) when using a product or, preconceptions I had about the brand or product. Basically, what I'm saying, is that I try to always be as objective as I can and to be as positive as I can too... but, every so often something comes along and I just really struggle to find a positive slant, unfortunately, this is one of those products for me.

So I picked it up in a 17 haul - I was trying a lot from the brand for the first time, and basically loving everything I tried. I actually had used polishes from them before over the years, but nothing from this 'Quicker, Slicker Colour' line which of course, being as massively impatient as I am, I was drawn to like a moth to a flame.

Well it only cost £2.99 so on one hand, you could say that it wasn't right to expect much, but, Barry M nail paints cost the same, so y'know. Anyway, the range of colours is beautiful and I honestly nearly picked up a few - obviously I'm now very glad I didn't - but eventually I settled on Royal Indigo which is such a beautiful, bold, blue toned purple that I was just so feeling for Autumn.

 It advertises itself as being "single coat, high shine nail colour, touch dry in less than 50 seconds" and for me, none of those were true.

That is after one coat. Now, I never expect polishes to only need one coat, so that's no biggie for me - but as you can see, this is streaky and patchy and just horrible looking. Oh,and you might notice I seem to have done a terrible job of getting it everywhere around the nail too, now, while my skills are far from perfect, most of this was caused by the brush which is just aaarghh, so frustrating - it just will not go where you want it to and it kind of skips over patches and then flies off over the side of the nail. It's uneven and just, bleugh, awful.

And this was after three coats - I didn't photograph two coats, but trust me, it wasn't pretty. Even though it is a lot more opaque now, you can see there's a big patchy spot that just isn't covered and that the side of my nail is still a mess from just not being able to get the brush in there!

As you can see, it doesn't look too bad from this distance and I did wear it for a couple of days, just because I'm lazy for review purposes and I can't say the chip time was too bad. While the shine finish on the polish is nice, it really just seems to draw attention to the patchiness and sheerness of the formula. As for the dry time, nope, not fast dry at all - which again, wouldn't really bug me much if the formula was otherwise on point.

This was a bottle I'd just bought and according to the label it was new stock to Boots too - so I'm fairly certain it wasn't an 'off date' issue. Also, I have since tried it again on one of my nails, and a plastic tester nail thing - and got the same results. So for me, this will be the first and last polish I try from this range, which is a shame because, like I said, the colour range was really awesome!

If you want to buy it, it's available online, here,  for £2.99.

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