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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Little Physician's Formula Haul

SO, I was killing time in Glasgow recently, waiting for Kenny who was at some Uni thing, and I made a happy discovery; cinammon sugar coated pretzels, I mean, ahem, that Physician's Formula is stocked in TK Maxx here in the UK! *crickets* what do you mean you all already knew that!??! Was I the only one that didn't? 'Cause I've been dying to try this brand for a long time but thought it was only in the U.S and Ireland... *sigh* well, it was an exciting discovery for me anyway.

 What I will say is that the selection is limited sporadic. I hit up four TK Maxx stores in two days (Glasgow Argyle Street, Glasgow Sauccihaul Street - yes, I'm sure I've massacred the spelling of that - Glasgow Silverburn, and Ayr) and this is everything they had in stock bar one face powder (i don't wear powder) and a dupe of the green shadow thing I picked up. That being said, it's maybe worth keeping an eye on your local store to see what comes in.

So you know me, I am an eyeshadow girl all the way. Mascaras are nice and blushers are pretty but nothing makes my little heart flutter like a good shadow. I was excited to try out the wet/dry baked shadow trio which is in lovely pink tones (and cost £3.99) - I'm totally coming round to wearing pink shadows by the way. As you can see from the photo below, they don't look like much at all when swatched dry, but I haven't yet tried them wet to see what that looks like (hopefully much better....)

I then picked up two of these shimmer strip palettes which are: custom eye enhancing shadow & liner from the Eye Candy series. The one on the left is designed to bring out brown eyes and indeed, they are very pretty shades - this palette cost £2.99. I haven't swatched it fully, but initial thoughts are that while it isn't crazy strong pigmentation the finish is lovely and the quality feels otherwise good.

And the one on the left is from the 'pop' series and is designed for green eyes - this one cost £3.99. Now, I know the colours in this are pretty out there, but a) I was just so excited to see Physician's Formula here in the UK, and b) I was just so excited to feel justified buying eyeshadow and c) I was shopping, so, you know... OK, I think you get the picture, but the long and the short of it is I threw it in the basket without really thinking about it. There's a first time for everything (HA). Quality wise, it's the same as the other shimmer strips set.

On the left here we have a trio of gel liners - one brown, one purple, one black - these cost £3.99 and are designed to enhance brown eyes. This is a super cute and handy stack of mini gel liners, but initially I'm not so impressed with the quality; the black isn't very black, it's not as obvious with the other two, but they kind of look washed out - like you've been wearing them for hours, even though actually, you've just applied them.

And on the right we have a dual mascara (one end black and one end pink, which yes I know doesn't sound very 'me' but I thought I might experiment... don't believe me? OK, scroll back up for 'excitement' justification.  This cost £2.99.And here, dear readers, I have to insert a cautionary tale; this mascara is dried up, and I mean totally dried up, you can tap the brush and dust falls off kinda dry.
I suppose maybe I should have guessed at this being a possibility, I mean, Physician's Formula isn't well stocked in the UK. Where is the stock coming from? How often is it coming through? How long does it sit about before being put out for sale? 
Maybe I just got unlucky with this, and ultimately, it was a few quid so not a big deal, but I think I'll refrain from buying any liquid Physician's Formula products I find lurking in the dusty depths of a TK Maxx beauty section in the future.

I saved the best (two) for last! Here we have the Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer and Blusher - £3.99 and £2.99 respectively. How pretty are these?!? I love them, they're so ornate looking I almost don't want to use them. Both also come with a back that opens and in there, there's a little brush and a mirror; pretty handy for on the go - if the packaging didn't otherwise seem pretty flimsy and un-durable.

Look at those swatches! The bronzer is designed to give a light glow, which is always something my super-pale self likes to hear, and the blush is shimmery on my cheeks but not sparkly-shimmery, more like a healthy glow. 

And so that's it for my Physician's Formula haul! 

As this post goes up I am (hopefully) just landing in the UK - please let it not be raining, please let it not be raining - we have a long train journey to go but I'll be home later tonight and back to my usual posting tomorrow - in the mean time, tweet me @kittyblackadder if you need me!


  1. I really like the look of the bronzer and blusher. The packaging is super cute and shades look lovely x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I haven't used the blusher yet really, but I'm loving the bronzer - it's quite light and golden so it's great on my skin tone, not sure how it would look on darker skin tones though.


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