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Monday, 6 October 2014

Beating Post-Holiday Blues

I am fighting back tears as I write this, and hugging my Disney stuffed animals like a five year old - I'm not too proud to admit that! I've been very lucky and have been able to visit Florida for the past three years; it's more than a holiday to me, it's an online community I'm extremely active in and a planning the trip is a hobby that occupies me year round. Now I sit here, aware of how lucky I am, but at the same time, with no Disney visits on the horizon for at least the next three or four years *sob* I kind of don't know what to do with myself! It got me thinking; there's no point in holding a little pity party for myself, it's time to look at ways to Beat those Post-Holiday Blues! While mine may be more extreme than others, it's perfectly natural to feel deflated and a little lost when something you've been looking forward to and planning for years comes to an end, so let's look at ways to overcome this together!


In the Walt Disney World online community, it's a running joke that people come back from their 'trip of a lifetime' feeling blue and they are always told that the only way to solve that is to book another 'trip of a lifetime'! To some extent they're right, there is nothing quite like it, however, I'm not in any financial position to be booking a holiday, let alone an expensive Disney World one, so how do brighten the horizon a little?

For me, I'm a planner; I love a project, I love research, I freaking love making spreadsheets. So I just line up various projects, short term and long term. In the short time I really want to embrace Halloween and Christmas this year - really take time to make cards and gifts and yummy food for people, or in the case of Halloween, decorate the house and make some awesome tutorials for you guys. In the longer term, Kenny and I are planning at least a weekend away somewhere in Europe next year - we've never travelled anywhere but Florida together and I've hardly seen any of Europe so this is a big exciting project to plan - even if I have to wait more than a year to do it *cough* Christmas markets in Germany *cough*.


This one might sound weird, and maybe it's just me, but sometimes after a holiday I can give myself a hard time for 'wasting it'; I should have gotten up earlier, we shouldn't have wasted time at that park, why on Earth did I think I needed 7 hours of sleep a night, I should have done MOAR. It's not productive to look back like that and it certainly doesn't make me any happier! For me a big issue is looking back at times I was anxious and being annoyed that I couldn't let go. It's important to just remind yourself you had the best holiday you could, and hey, there's always next time to correct any 'mistakes' you made ;)

 wish I'd tried harder to eat that entire giant sandwich!! LOL, just kidding... I ate it all...


I definitely need to go a little 'cold turkey' when I get back from a trip. I think because I get so sucked in to the planning; podcasts, spreadsheets, forums, Twitter... etc. that I feel like afterwards I need to take myself away from it all for a bit. It's upsetting to look back at first because it makes me realise it's over, so I have a week or two where I just don't do anything - other than chuck the dirty holiday clothes in the wash of course!! (because seriously, one year I didn't.... and you know what, that's probably a whole other blog post!)


There are so many ways to bring some of your holiday happiness home with you; souvenirs and photos mostly, but how many of us are guilty of just leaving those photos on a memory card until the end of time? Why not come up with a project to keep the fun alive and keep memories around longer too? You could do a scrapbook, or make a collage from photos and receipts and maps you brought back and then frame it, you could write up a 'trip report' that you can read back over in years to come and enjoy things all over again, or, you could even take what you've learned and make a series of blog posts about your adventures as a kind of guide to others.

 See, we don't look tired at all... I'm sure we could easily go another ten hours in a theme park... right Kenny?.... Kenny?


I'll admit I need to give myself a kick to do this sometimes, I can feel so sad that it's over that I forget how blessed I am that it happened at all! Sometimes I need to just take a minute with Kenny over dinner and remind him of something brilliant we experienced, we both laugh and for a moment are transported back. When I think of all the food and the weather and the animals and just being able to be with my bae (lol) for three whole weeks with no work or distractions, I realise how truly lucky I am.

And those are my tips for beating Post Holiday Blues - though clearly, I'm no expert! Please, please share any tips you have because I'm almost out of tissues and threatening to watch Frozen *sniffle*

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