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Saturday, 4 October 2014

'Beautifully Disney' Haul

Anyone who has basically ever visited this blog before will, I'm sure, be aware that I have just returned from a Walt Disney World vacation - and that I am rather a fan of Disney. So, this post allows for some interesting crossover because you see Disney (love number one) now have their very own proper makeup (love number two) range, called Beautifully Disney.

And when I say 'proper makeup' what I mean is that this is actual makeup, made for adults, in relatively tasteful colours and for the price, I'm hoping pretty good quality too! So anyone who was expecting mad glitter ridden shadows dispensed in a pixie dust like manner from a container shaped like Tinkerbell's butt, well folks, try and hide your disappointment (I know I had to *sigh*)

I wasn't sure whether people actually wanted to see this post, because, this range is not available in the UK (that I can find) and is only partially available online in the US. However, Disney World is somewhat of a popular vacation destination so I thought it was probably worth a post in case anyone's ever heading out there and wants to see some swatches first (because there is nowhere you can swatch on property!).

So the first bits I picked up are three nail polishes - and believe me it took a lot of restraint to only pick up three. Kenny may disagree with the a lot of restraint statement. But anyway, I chose firstly Orang' You Cute - which is a bright but also strangely autumnal, warm orange tone. Then, in the middle above we have Looking for my Prince, which is an absolutely lovely shade of what I would call 'true' red. And lastly I have Beautiful Bayou which is a blue toned, deep, dusky green - very seasonally appropriate and I have nothing like it in my collection. (Weeeelllll... technically it's a bit like the Revlon Parfumiere Lime Basil, but this is like totally two shades darker, so that counts as 'totally different' in nail polish terms right?). The polishes cost $11.95  (about £7) plus sales tax each and are 9ml bottles - so price wise, they're OK, especially considering you're paying for the brand... inside a theme park. Formula wise, they're fine. I'm not going to say they're AWESOME, but I have no real complaints either. Pictured above the red and the green are two coats, but the orange took three.

Now onto makeup and we have, shockingly enough, an eyeshadow palette - the Fantasy in Flight palette to be exact. Now, I'm not a Tink gal, I've never liked her - way too spoiled and how short is that skirt?!? - but, you know the old saying; you shouldn't judge a palette by the Disney character that adorns it... or something like that.

And actually, the colours in this palette more than makeup for its' slightly bratty exterior. Firstly these are very buttery shadows; no powdery fallout here. They're all very metallic too - no glitter, but a very metallic feel to them, which I suppose is rather 'in' just now, and I love that look anyway. There's no names, so going top left to right, then bottom left to right:

One: The darkest shade in the palette, this is a kind of brown toned charcoal - which at first I was disappointed in as I tend to like a really deep grey/black/straight up brown for defining with and this seemed a bit meh but actually, having now worn it, I like it, it's a surprisingly flattering shade; like a grey, but warmer.

Two: A warm toned chocolate brown, pretty much the perfect crease shade - for me anyway.

Three: The most 'out there' colour of the bunch, and also a bit less pigmented than the rest, this is a blue toned, jade green. It's not necessarily something I'd slather over my lid, but it'll be nice as a liner.

Four: The highlight shade. This is a slightly yellow toned, but just off-white shade. I could understand that for darker skin tones this could be too light for a brow highlight, but for my Caspar complexion, it's awesome.

Five: My favourite shade, this is like a rose toned copper. It looks kind of pink in some lights, but not too pink, which we all know, I have some issues with. Very wearable and I feel quite on trend for the coming season.

Six: A very yellow toned gold... in fact it's more like a gold toned yellow... if that makes sense. This is nice on, but I feel it can be too yellow and overpowering on my eyes if I use too much, which is a shame as I really like it in the palette.

And these are the swatches, in the same order as listed above. Overall I think the pigmentation is great (except maybe shade Three), and the formula is nice too, price wise it was $37 (Around £24) plus tax - so not really cheap, but then, like I said, you are paying for the brand I guess.

And oh look, another eyeshadow palette - seriously though folks, there were four, let's just be impressed I only brought back two shall we?. This is the Curiouser and Curiouser palette, which also cost $37 (£24 ish) plus tax. I am a huge Alice and Wonderland fan, and so there was no way on Earth I was going to pass this up (seriously, how awesome is the cover design!!) even though I actually much prefer the colours in the other palette.

This palette is also all pretty metallic, but this one does have shade names, so, here we go, in the same order as above: 

Hip Cat: this is a pink, pink. Now, you see, I'm trying hard at getting used to wearing pink shadows, but this is still a little beyond my comfort zone. It's a kind of medium, warm, candy pink. It's a lovely shade, but I'm not entirely sure if it's me.

Mushroom: A paler, baby pink. I'm much more down with this one though as it's more cool toned so it's clear I'm wearing a shadow and not just that I stayed up watching Lord of the Rings all night (again..)

Queenie: The highlight a very pale, very cool almost lilac pink. Not sure if I'd work this on my brow bone, but in the inner corner it's actually really nice; not a 'typical' shade either.

Quiet as a Mouse; The darkest shade of the palette - as I mentioned above, I like a really dark nude shade in a palette and this one doesn't scratch that itch for me. It's a burgundy toned brown and I like the shade, I really do, but it doesn't serve as a dark liner/definer for me.

Twirly: Quite an orange toned, not quite rusty, brown. Love this, thought can't help but feel it's maybe a bit out of place amongst the four previous shades, all of which are very pink toned?

Wild Hare: Love this shade, it's a cool, gold metallic taupe. That's an awful description, but I'm sure you can see from the swatches below... kind of.


Swatches shown in the same order as described above. While I may not love the mix of colours in the palette, the quality is definitely there. This is definitely Disney creating a relatively high end makeup line rather than some cheap nonsense being packaged up as souvenirs. There's thought and planning gone into the colours, packaging, names and the whole lines in general and honestly, as the range rapidly expands, I can only look forward to seeing (and no doubt, buying!) more!

And so, just to end the post I thought I'd confuse the whole issue by showing to products that in fact aren't from Beautifully Disney, but they are beauty related and they are from Disney so I figured they kind of fit here. Firstly, I bought some soap from Basin, which isn't owned by Disney, but has stores on their property. I would have bought ALL THE SOOOOAAAAPS, but Kenny wouldn't let me, but I'm a grown up and realised I probably don't need that much soap. So I picked up this one to bring out at Christmas time - it smells like peppermint! I love it, it smells so fresh and festive and y'know, there's Mickeys in it.

And lastly I nabbed this cute makeup bag for $10 (just less than £7 ish) - I felt like; it's Disney, but like subtle, grown up Disney. But then, I had just spent two weeks wearing Minnie ears, Eeyore t-shirts and crying like a baby at Disney parades, so maybe my views on 'not too Disney' were a little skewed. But no, even in the cold light of this side of the Atlantic, I still love it. It has a nice sturdy zip too... always a good thing, I do not travel light.

And that's it, that's my Disney beauty haul. I did of course buy other Disney things, but I'll spare you a look at my Mickey tshirts, measuring spoons and posters (yeah, my new flat goin' be pimp), as I assume that really, they're only exciting to me! Stay tuned though folks I have three more US hauls going up over the next couple of weeks!

 Thanks for reading!


  1. Disney stuff are the cutest! Love the makeup bag and the design on it x

    1. I know, Disney + makeup = lethal combination for my bank balance! Actually I think I was relatively restrained, all things considered... but yeah, the makeup bag is just so cute, I'm just praying I don't burst the zip on it like I usually end up doing!!


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