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Monday, 27 October 2014

Everyday BLUE Eye Makeup Look

File this under, "Post Titles I Never Thought I'd Write" - am I right??! But actually, I had to 'force' myself to try this out as part of my 'embracing the blue eye makeup trend' thingy, but truth be told, I've worn it several times since trying it out and taking the photos here.
autumn winter blue eye makeupautumn winter blue eye makeup
autumn winter blue eye makeupautumn winter blue eye makeup

Products used:

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (which will actually feature in a haul next week - eek there's a rip in the space time continuum!)
NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Creme in Natural (also in an upcoming haul, see above note for space time continuum panic)

autumn winter blue eye makeup
autumn winter blue eye makeup

First off, excuse my brows! Gosh, you never quite realise how in need of plucking they are until you photograph them and blow them up to huge sizes on the internet... great. Anyway, I have since got them under control, so hopefully that might ease your nightmares slightly.

So, for the eye makeup, I decided (after applying various mad combinations of blue from tear duct to brow bone) that I would scrap all that and start with something a little easier to deal with - a more everyday look.

So I began by priming my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, once it had dried I took the Naked Basics Palette and applied Venus in the inner corner and on the brow bone as a highlight. I then took Naked 2 and applied it over the rest of the lid. Onto the Hard Candy Blues Palette now where I took a (worryingly bright blue) second from the right (sorry, there's no names) and applied it to the outer third of my eye and slightly worked it into the crease too. Back to the Naked Basics Palette now and I took Faint and worked it quite heavily into the socket at my outer corner, and also pushed it through the crease. Finally for shadow, I used Walk of Shame and used it as a transition colour between the darker colours on my lid and the highlight on my brow bone - to stop the blue shade looking like it was just wandering off.

I then applied the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude along my water line and took the Seventeen Kohl Liner in Navy and applied it along the top lash line, and then winged it out slightly - I then smudged it with my finger. I then also applied it below my bottom lashes and smudged it out again. Final step was some of the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara - which, as you can tell from the photos, is still causing trouble by transferring and smudging on application!

And that's it - the closest I can get to a blue eye makeup look that's actually wearable for me. What do you think? Would you wear it? Do you have any tips for wearing blue eyeshadow?

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  1. Gorgeous look and it really does make your eyes pop! Such a simple way to get away with blue makeup without looking like crazy x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY


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