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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Favourite Autumnal Eyeliners

autumn makeup eyeliners

I am on such an eyeliner kick right now - for a while all I was wearing was brown or nude in my waterline, but now, all of a sudden, for reasons in no way connected to the fact that I just found my box of eyeliners a few weeks ago; I'm mixing it up almost daily and really enjoying the difference some kohl or a nice colourful liner can make to a look. Here's my favourites of the moment.

Let's just get the obvious one out the way first shall we - there was no way I was ever going to compile a list like this, without mentioning an Urban Decay pencil. These are, in my opinion, the best on the market for durability, ease of application and colour selection - but you do pay for it at £15 a pencil. Roach is a nice bronze shade with some fine shimmer running through it, that really is subtle and lends more of an overall metallic look.

This is actually not a full size - I bought it as part of a set because I'd never tried these eyeliners before. The formula is super creamy and soft - really easy to work on your top or bottom lash line and then smudge out. That being said, once set, this pencil doesn't budge easily! The shade Deep Plum is a shimmery, cool toned purple - very Autumnal, but not too colourful for day to day wear.

The first of the more budget friendly offerings, this still holds up pretty well to rain, tears and sweat - with finishes similar to a lot of the Urban Decay pencils, this would be y drugstore recommendation if you don't want to splash the cash for a 24/7 Eyeliner. Bold Gun Metal is a blue toned deep grey shade, with a metallic finish - I love it with a smokey eye, or just to smudge on my top lash line - I feel like it gives such a wintery look to a nude eye.

An even more purse friendly offering here, this time in the form of a kohl pencil. This, I actually bought to play with to help create some blue eyeshadow looks (I did a post on it here... the second post with the actual looks is still, erm, a work in progress), but I've totally surprised myself with how much I like using it - just with a nude eye, let's not get crazy! It is a navy shade (surprisingly) and it has a pretty matte finish, which is a nice change from the rest of the lineup on this list.

Another fairly iconic eyeliner, that I'm sure won't surprise people too much, but actually, I haven't been the biggest fans of these because the formula of them irritates my eyes a little. It's nothing major, but I find if I have them smudged in my bottom lash line, over time, as the day goes on, my eyes just start to feel kind of itchy. That being said, up on my top lashes is no problem and that's where I've been loving wearing Moray, which is an olive green with some gold shimmer through it.

Autumn fall eyeliners makeup

Left to Right: Urban Decay Roach, Pixi Deep Plum, Barry M Bold Gun Metal, Seventeen Navy, Stila Moray
fall autumn favourites makeup
And so that's it, my favourite eyeliners for this Autumn - honestly just can't believe how into switching them up daily I am right now. Seriously tempted to get a bright red one from Sleek (Moulin Rouge is the shade) - or would that just be weird? What eyeliners do you love? Any you think I should try out?


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