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Monday, 20 October 2014

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR: 10 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Welcome to the Halloween Spooktacular here on Kitty Blackadder! It's going to be a whole week of gory and grizzly posts (well more like chocolatey and sparkly, but you know, trying to create an atmosphere) I'll be covering makeup tutorials, tasty treats, movie picks and more so, ahem, read on if you dare..... *insert spooky ghost noises*

I want to preface this by saying that a) I'm not very good at nail art! I love it, I have deep admiration for the people who do it well, but alas, I seem to be missing the part of my brain that deals with this sort of thing. That being said, I don't think you have to be amazing to have a go at something, especially something non-essential like nail art (because actually you really should be amazing to have a go at some things, like neuro surgery) and what better time to have a play and feel like a kid again than Halloween? Oh and also b) I'm not claiming any of these designs to be original, I did look through Pinterest for inspiration and while I didn't directly or intentionally 'copy' anyone, there are only so many ways to paint nails to look like a pumpkin!

So like I said, all very easy. All you'll need is obviously nail polish, some remover, a round stamping tool (or the back end of a small makeup brush) and a fine brush for detailing.

Starting with the most simple, first we just have some Halloween theme polkadots, in case you don't fancy going all out. It's just two coats of black nail varnish and then using a dot tool to make spots on top in whatever colours you'd like.

Then we have a blood dripping kind of nail. The whole nail was painted white and then I used the fine brush to paint the red on top in a dripping style - I actually messed this one up a bit, but you get the idea and will, I'm sure do much better. I then used the fine brush to add a little definition to the bottom on the blood with some black polish and added some red glitter to the blood to make it look a little more like liquid.

These are great and super easy. For both, start by painting the nail white. For the ghost, simply use the fine brush to draw the outline of the ghost (and it's great because ghosts can kind of be any shape really...) and then colour in the outside area in black. Then, just do three dots to make a little face!
For the skull, after the nail is painted white, use the dot tool to make a couple of black eyes, and then the fine brush to draw in a couple of little lines for the nasal cavity and whatever those lines are supposed to be at the bottom that skulls always have,

For the Frankenstein style nail, start by painting it green. Once that's dry, simply use the fine brush (or of course, a nail art pen if you're more comfortable) to draw some black stitches on. I also then added a few flecks of darker green, just to add a little more interest to the nail.
For the candy corn nail, paint the whole thing white, then, paint the top two thirds yellow, and finally, the middle third orange. Easy. I then added black lines for definition, but you could easily skip that step if you preferred.

For the spider nails, paint the whole thing orange and then, once dry, use your dot tool to make some black 'spider bodies'. Then, take a fine brush/nail pen/cocktail stick and draw some black legs, and little silver strands of web.
For the pumpkin (or as my mother thought it was; the carrot) start again with an orange base, then once dry, use a finer brush to paint a little green spiky pattern on top. I then added some definition using a fine black brush to separate the leaves from the, erm, body and also some orange glitter to jazz up the 'carrot' and a darker green to make the leaves a little more interesting.

For the cloudy moon on the left, start by painting the nail black and allowing it to dry. Then, paint a white circle in the middle. While the circle is drying, use a thin brush to paint some blue into the sky to liven it up a little. Circle dry, paint a little yellow in to make it more moon like and allow to dry. Once dry, take white on a fine brush and paint some squiggles to represent clouds, once they've dried a bit, just add in a little silver or grey to differentiate them from the moon. And then, as a finishing touch, I just ran a black line between the cloud and the moon to make it stand out a little.
For the eyeball, paint the nail white to start. Then, paint a large green circle, basically the width of the nail. While that's drying take some red paint on a fine brush/cocktail stick and draw in some squiggles to be veins. Iris dry, paint in a big black circle to be your pupil and, while that dries use the black paint on your brush to outline the iris against the white of the eye. As a finishing touch, use white to put in a little reflection on the eye and a darker green to add some squiggles to make the iris more interesting.


 And that's that!
All very straight forward and pretty basic too, but I had a great time making these and am looking forward to doing some on  my actual nails as we get closer to Halloween.
Like I said, I'm no expert, but then, if we never try, we never learn. If you do/have done any Halloween nail art, please share any links in the comments below - I'd love to see them!!

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