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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I love Halloween, I really do; but I'm definitely still more rooted in the 'trick or treating, decorating pumpkins and singing little songs about witches' stage than the 'watching films about people being stitched together and then going to a Haunted House to have the living daylights scared out of you' stage. I hate being scared; and I scare really easily, so it's a tough time of year for me!

I do love curling up under a blanket with some candy and watching a spooky film though - it's just that my idea of a Halloween movie is probably more akin to what an eight year old would watch than many of the more grown-up offerings out there. So stay tuned for my favourite five not so scary Halloween movie picks - but beware, there's no abandoned motels or murderous rednecks on this list! 

Jaws (Widescreen Anniversary Collector's Edition)

1// Jaws (1975)

I have seen this film countless times and it is never enough. It has everything a creepy film should; idyllic beginnings, growing sense of impending doom and disaster, terrible villain lurking in the deep and of course, the orchestra that follows him everywhere. I do still cover my eyes at a couple of parts - no seriously, I do - but this film is really the ultimate mix of suspense and fear for me.

2// The Thing (the 1982 remake)

This might actually be significantly more terrifying if any of the special effects were believable - but frankly, thank goodness they aren't or I probably wouldn't be able to watch it. This has that scary, claustrophobic feel to it as the film centres around an Antarctic research centre and a shape-shifting alien that infiltrates and begins picking off the team one by one.

Rosemary's Baby

3// Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Another absolute classic and while yes, this is undoubtedly scary, it's an atmospheric, building fear rather than any guts or gore. It's a cinematic masterpiece of the genre that combined incredibly acting, cinematography and soundtrack with a subject that was really 'out there' for it's 1960's release. The film centres on a young couple and the strange tenants of the new building they move into - suffice to say there's more to the situation than meets the eye! and This film doesn't show you the scary stuff, it leaves you to imagine it!

4// Rebecca (1940)

I guess most people when they think of Hitchcock would maybe add Psycho or The Birds in this list and I agree, those are brilliant films, but for me, Rebecca takes the edge. It is a true psychological thriller full of twists and turns, it's easy to get completely pulled into this film - and it's hard to see the end coming. It's creepy, it's full of suspense, it's beautiful and it's a classic.

5// Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Based on the 1897 novel, this film retells the story of Dracula in a way far removed from the cliched cape, pointy fangs and funny accent thing we've come to expect from Dracula movies. It is primarily a horror film, but carried all the way through is a love story that has "crossed oceans of time". It's not a perfect film; it gets a little muddled and muddied, but it's beautiful and it combines a creepy sense of ancient atmosphere, with a more modern story being told.

Secret Window (2004)

Johnny Depp fans will love this film, Stephen King fans; not so much. This film tells the story of a writer going through a divorce and the subsequent mental trauma this causes him, Johnny Depp gives a great performance, and so I love watching it for that, but ultimately, I feel the excellent story is stretched and pulled a little too much and as a result becomes sadly transparent.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Home alone but still want to embrace the Halloween spirit? This is a great film for watching if you want zero chance of being scared, but still plenty of zombies as its a horror-comedy that's filled with equal parts blood and wit. It makes me chuckle every time!

Flipper (1996)

Little known fact about me - I'm terrified of Dolphins! Flipper is for me, a terrifying 90 minutes which will give me nightmares for weeks. On the flip side (see what I did there?), it's hilariously 90's, Elijah Wood is such a wee cutie and it features his first on screen kiss *aaaawwww*.

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