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Thursday, 2 October 2014

I'm baaaaack

Hello everyone, sorry for the late post today (and the complete lack of content within said post...), my body may be here in Scotland but my mind and concept of time is somewhere else entirely. Yup, I've got a new friend folks; jetlag.

We had an amazing trip - so many fun times and great memories made... and the food, don't forget all the awesome food! It's hard to believe it's all over and we're back home (as shown this morning when my alarm went off and I rolled over to turn it off as I had done every morning on holiday... and punched the wall... hard. Ah, guess my alarm is on the other side at home.) but we had such a great time, and I've been lucky to go to Florida so often, so it's hard to feel sorry for myself really - but I'm giving it a good shot anyway.

To everyone who left comments while I was away, thank you - I really appreciate you taking the time to do that, especially when you knew I wouldn't be able to read/reply to them for some time - I will go through and respond to them all tomorrow, if that's OK - my brain is just not up to it today. 

Also, I should point out that I'm not normally so whiny and incompetent after a flight home, but due to a number of reasons, train times, theme park attraction popularity and my mum being in London and needing to see me when she got home at midnight (though bless her, she actually ended up stuck in London), I ended up being awake for over 37 hours straight. I know, it's an impressive feat but I did have some help: I'd like to thank the family standing in the aisle next to me, leaning on my chair for the entire duration of an overnight transatlantic flight, and the lovely lady who missed her stop on the train and pulled the "in emergency pull to open train doors" lever, it was an action that was appreciated by not just me, but every one of the hundreds of people she held up for a long time somewhere outside Lancaster, and of course, my cat Meeko - for being in the huff with me all night, until my head touched the pillow and then forgiving me and demanding apology scratches and snuggles all night.

Yup, holidays are fantastic, but the crash back to reality can be a bit of a shocker.

Mostly it seems things were fine on the blog while I was away, one of my scheduled posts has done something mental and vanished - who knew that was a thing - but given that it was my first time properly scheduling posts and tweets (and I had a lot of everything scheduled) I'm counting it as a win, really.

 I shopped somewhat while in the States - a trip to Walmart may have taken place, and oh darn, they went and built a new MAC duty free section in the Orlando airport terminal, what a nightmare - there's other bits too, so much in fact, I've broken it down into four separate hauls - so keep your eyes out for posts aplenty on some US beauty gems (and maybe even a dud or two...).

Thank you again everyone for your patience and continued interest while I was away; daily posting resumes tomorrow. Now, I'm off to nap, erm, I mean unpack... yeah... unpack.


  1. Welcome back :) sounds like you had an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing what you bought in the next few hauls x

    Beauty with charm | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you, I did have an absolutely amazing time - can't actually believe it's all over *sob*. Seriously struggling with jetlag this time, not sure why but every year I seem to get worse - must be getting old!!


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