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Thursday, 9 October 2014

I'm doing a Project Pan ... I think

I only became familiar with the concept of a 'project pan' very recently, as in last week recently, and to be honest, I wasn't really enamored with the concept. For anyone who hasn't heard of  a project pan (frankly I advise you to do a search on YouTube as I am blatantly no expert in what it's all about...) it's basically about putting an emphasis on working through some of your makeup stash. It can be because you have a whole bunch of half empty things you need to finish, or to encourage yourself to shop your stash instead of spending and, basically, you are on a no spend until you have finished however many products you set for yourself - most people seem to do 10. Often people set themselves time limits too; like to have hit pan on ten products in two months.

In principal, it sounds good - but I wondered, doesn't it make you see using your products as more of a chore or obligation than something you look forward to? Is it adding too many rules to something that should be fun? And to be honest, I still feel like this might be the case, but, on the other hand, I need to not buy makeup right now and temptation is everywhere, so maybe having a project and a goal like this will help keep me on the straight and narrow? Maybe it'll teach me to love some products I had taken for granted? Maybe I'll finally actually finish a concealer. I figure, what's the worst that can happen really, I might as well give it a go - plus there is something seriously compulsive about watching Project Pan videos on YouTube, really, it's waaaaaay more interesting than it should be to hear how much shower gel someone has gone through in two weeks.

I'm going to do a Project 10 Pan, but I'm not setting a time limit, because basically, I would have no idea what a reasonable time limit would be. I'm also choosing a mixture of makeup and toiletry products because I'm not sure what I'll enjoy doing more. So, here's my chosen things to finish.

1// THE BODY SHOP SWEET LEMON BODY WHIP 250ML (£8) I could literally fill a bath tub with the amount of body lotions I own. Honestly. It's not that I don't use them, it's that I use a bit of one and forget about it. Anyway I'm worried they'll start going off so I need to start working my way through them and this was at the top of the drawer. 90% FULL AT START POINT

2// LUSH AMERICAN CREAM HAIR CONDITIONER 250G BOTTLE (£9) I bought this as a special treat for my hair and at first it really was but then my hair took a funny turn so I steered away from everything bar tried and trusted products - but, I need to use this up, even if it's just by using a little on the ends each time. 50% FULL AT START POINT

3// LUSH PONCHE SHOWER GEL 100G BOTTLE (£4) I got this last Christmas and basically, it's going to go off soon. I've been saving it because I love it so freaking much, but ultimately I can either use it or lose it. 50% FULL AT START POINT

4// FIRST AID BEAUTY FACIAL CLEANSER - 56.7G NOT FULL SIZE TUBE (£7) I love this but I have become lazy about washing my face *blush* wipes are just far too tempting when I'm half asleep and it's cold outside the bed. I must get into the habit of cleansing before it gets to that point of the night. 60% FULL AT START POINT

5// LUSH DREAM CREAM 240G (£12) At some point, probably last Christmas, I seem to have ended up with a lot of these and being Lush products, they need used up ASAP. I do love this lotion and I feel like I use it a lot, but clearly not! 40% FULL AT START POINT

6// RIMMEL SCANDALEYES WATERPROOF LINER IN NUDE (£4) I bought this because everyone and their cat seems to love it, but it just does not work for me as well as it seems to for everyone else. I don't know whether I have a dud pencil or I just don't get on with it, but either way, I need to just use it up as hoarding it isn't going to make me suddenly love it. 90% FULL AT START POINT

7// MAYBELLINE MASTER SHAPE BROW PENCIL (£3) This was my go to brow product for a long time, but I'm going off it a little in favour of more natural looking brow mascara, however, this pencil seems to still be floating around the bottom of my bag and is just going to end up ruined, so, time to use it up. 50% FULL AT START POINT

8// COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER (£4) This must be about the third one of these I've used, and I love them, but, I still buy other concealers. So every time I finish one of these I think, "I must try something else", but I chicken out because this is just so brilliant, and so, I have a build up of other concealers waiting in the wings. Time to finish this and move on! 10% FULL AT START POINT

9// TRAVEL SIZE URBAN DECAY EYE PRIMER (£4) This is a product I love so much I'm "scared" to finish in case I can't afford to buy more, but that's silly, I need to just enjoy things while I have them. 40% FULL AT START POINT

10// RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION CONCEALER (£6) This is a victim of my love for the Collection concealer, but I'm aware it's been open quite a while, so I want to finish this one off too before I open something new. 30% FULL AT START POINT

And so those are my chosen products, I feel in equal parts skeptical and excited about the whole thing really. I feel like it's a good idea, but will it really help? Anyway, I believe it's customary to update after a couple of weeks so I shall - unless I'm failing totally and there's no progress to report! If anyone has any tips, advice, links or thoughts in general about doing a Project Pan, please let me know below; clearly I'm a novice!!    

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