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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Life #5 No, we are moving to Glasgow, really!!

Just a heads up, I have no photos to accompany this post really, so I'll just be inserting random holiday shots, which are making me feel depressed...

Well Kitty, how are you getting on in Glasgow? That's right, we remember you saying you were moving at the start of October, so is this you updating us to say how the move went?

Errm... Not as such, no. In a move we should all have seen coming really - after all there are solicitors and estate agents involved - the flat sale hit some 'unexpected' paperwork and the whole thing was delayed by a month. *sigh*
This has of course caused some complications in my job hunting, as it's hard to get people to look at an application seriously when it has an address 50 miles away listed right at the top.
But ultimately, Kenny's poor parents have felt the brunt of it I think as they're the ones having to actually deal with all said paperwork and solicitors and estate agents, and frankly, all I have to do is wait - so really I shouldn't complain...

We've been back from Florida a couple of weeks now - though it feels like years since we felt the warmth and relaxedness of a holiday - and October has just been a weird limbo really. Kenny has moved out of his flat and is staying with me at my mum's (my mother is a freaking saint right now in my eyes!) so he's coming and going for Uni (a nice four hour round trip commute on public transport 5 days a week, plus about 8 hours of actual Uni a day) and I am job hunting, doing the laundry and the cooking and only leaving the house every six days or so - it's not the most fun time ever.
Add to that the need to pack but nowhere to put boxes because Kenny and I are sleeping in the spare room generally used for this kind of things, and it really is like some surreal, stressful dream of a month - you know, the kind of dream you have before an exam, or a flight, or when you've drank too many Lemsips in a day.

Ultimately it's nothing compared to the stresses people have to endure (you know, like actual stress), but I guess, moving out is a big moment in your life and I suppose I just never saw it being like this -but then is life ever how you imagine it really? 

The internal debate is also still raging on about what to do with my little cat? She's 13 and she's been 'mine' since she was 8 weeks old; I cannot imagine being without her, but is it fair to take her? Especially at her age? To a flat where she can't go outside? Will she be stressed? Or is it more cruel to abandon her at my mum's when she's so used to me and sleeping curled up with me each night?
If anyone has any experience of a situation like this, I'd love for you to weigh in. Either way I'm not doing anything until we're in the flat and the boxes are all unpacked and it starts to smell like us, then I guess, I can make a decision. *sob*

Also, something completely pointless I'm debating and might as well share with the entire internet is whether to watch American Horror Story. I have heard so, so much about it and about how great it is but I am the worlds biggest chicken. I can't usually watch Dr Who on my own. How scary is it (not Dr Who I mean, because clearly that's terrifying...)? Is American Horror Story that good? Is it worth being a little scared for? Remember folks I'm home alone 5 days a week, I cant afford to spend them all hiding under the duvet!

And that's all the update/nonsense I have to share with you really. Looking to do some more cooking/baking posts next month so if there's anything you'd like to see, let me know in the comments, or if you have any feedback/requests for the blog in general, feel free to let me know down there too.

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