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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lush Desert Island Products

I feel like I mention Lush products all the time on the blog, but really, if it came down to it, what are my absolute essentials? I mean obviously I want ALL THE BATH THINGZZ, but glitter and colours and popping candy aren't really something I (or anyone) needs. If I was going to be trapped on a desert island and for some unknown reason was allowed a small shopping spree in Lush prior to said marooning, what would I put in my basket? Disclaimer: the term 'desert island product' is being used entirely figuratively, does not recommend choosing Lush for your pre-stranded-on-a-desert island shopping trip and does not accept any responsibility if you do decide to pack six bath bombs and a nice face mask instead of say, life saving water.

Probably my ultimate Lush Holy Grail product - I feel like I've been using it forever and frankly, any time I've had to venture back into the land of liquid shampoos, it's ended with an 'owie' eye and frizzy hair.
This product is easy to use, very good value for money because it lasts forever, it has what is - in my opinion - one of the greatest smells ever (Karma... in case that wasn't apparent. Which is a very unique mandarin/patchouli scent), this is honestly just the best shampoo for my hair.

Sticking with hair for a moment, my conditioner from Lush is also something I'd hate to be without. Some people find solid conditioner difficult to work into their hair but I actually find it much easier to get this sleeked evenly over my massively thick curls. 
It detangles better than any other conditioner I've tried, it softens my hair, adds a bit of weight to fight frizz and smells amazing - what more could you want?


The first of two facial moisturisers! Erm, sorry about the state of the pot, it's an old pot I'm just about finished with *blush*.
I have very dry, sensitive skin and using this lotion every night before bed is almost like using a mask everyday; it's so nourishing and softening but it doesn't clog my skin or make it feel, y'know that bleuurgh feeling?

Remember above, how I wrote that using Skin Drink each night before bed was like a face mask? Well, the reason for that is it's quite oily; it contains sesame oil as a main ingredient. And it's great, it really is, but I cannot put makeup on over it. No matter what I do it doesn't work, so, I use Celestial through the day.
Celestial is a great day cream because it's designed to provide a lot of moisture but also it contains vitamin E which helps it form a  kind of barrier on your skin to stop damage and irritation occurring - perfect if your skin is as sensitive as mine.

While Karma Kream is my favourite scent-wise, there's no denying that Dream Cream is a better lotion for my skin. It has oat milk and rose water in it, both of which are very soothing ingredients for red, itchy skin (AKA, my legs) - this is particularly great after you've shaved your legs. It also smells like lavender - such a relaxing and comforting smell, I love having a bath, slathering myself in this and then curling up under nice clean sheets.

As much as I love Dream Cream there are days when I don't have time, or can't be bothered covering myself in lotion and flapping about my room in the nude until I 'dry'. This is where Aqua Mirabilis comes in.
It's actually dual function. Firstly, it's a very gentle, very good exfoliant, it contains bits of almond shell so when you rub the bar over your skin in the shower, it's going to strip away dead skin. Secondly, it contains cocoa and almond butter so you're going to be nourishing your skin at the same time - genius! 

Again, if I'm honest, there are maybe other scents and 'fancier' soaps that I'd love to pick as my favourite. Karma soap was one of my first ever Lush purchases and holds a very special place in my heart, but ultimately Sultana of Soap is just better for my skin. It has lots of hydrating ingredients fruit to provide nourishment and honestly, in winter, this is just the best thing for when my skin gets tight and sore. It's also saved my many times in my younger, more foolhardy days when I've used something that's broken me out painfully - this has been all that was gentle enough to clean myself with.

This really changed my mind on the whole skincare genre that is face masks. I had always suspected they were maybe a bit of a gimmick, and frankly, I'd only tried a couple and been allergic to them, so I was understandably apprehensive when trying this.
But wow, it's amazing. It uses enzymes from fresh fruit like papaya to strip away dead skin, it contains wheatgrass which is just all kinds of nourishing and it has yoghurt and other moisturising goodies - and it does all this without irritating my skin in the slightest.
It leaves my skin very clear and clean looking and just a lot more alive.

Ah, massage bars - where would I be without you? Don't be fooled folks, these bars while yes, they are great for getting (or giving I suppose...apparently) a nice massage actually have a function that makes them much more likely to appear on a list like this for me.
These bars provide moisture like nothing else. Seriously, rub it onto your limbs and the oil soaks in just enough to still leave a kind of protective (but not greasy) barrier behind. Hottie is my absolute favourite because it's designed to be energising and reviving for muscles and blood circulation - such a nice thing to apply after a day at work on your feet,

Oh look, a bath bomb did make it in here after all! Butterball seems like one of the less 'special' Lush bath bombs; no glitter, no popping candy no coloured water. BUT, what it does have is lots of 'chips' of cocoa butter stashed throughout it so, when it fizzes away in your tub, the hot water melts the butter and voila, you are essentially soaking in a tub of moisturiser. Clever huh?

And so there you have it, my ten Lush desert island products. It was very hard to choose, and already I'm changing my mind, so I'm going to hit publish before I do and I end up just essentially listing the Lush catalog! 

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