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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mini MAC Duty Free Haul

So I didn't do any duty free shopping at Manchester Airport on the way to Florida, no, I was too busy throwing up and wondering why the entire departure lounge smelled like fry up, and by the way, who the heck thought putting air hockey tables in confined spaces like next to gates, was a good idea. I didn't love that airport experience.

Anyway, the point of the rant (like I need a good reason to have a rant...), was to explain why my MAC haul is so tiddly - and the reason is that I did it on the way home at the end of a long trip. I was tired, the lighting in the shop was weird and the sales assistant was so rude that after a while I actually started to wonder if I was on one of those hidden camera shows - but then he became so rude, it was actually kind of brilliantly hilarious.

Anyway, somehow, I still managed to soldier on and do some shopping - what a brave soul I am. First purchase was rather a sensible one I felt - I bought a Pro Longwear Paintpot in Painterly. I had initially been planning on getting Groundwork, but the lighting was really weird in there and I couldn't quite tell what the colour was like and, since I was mostly planning on using it as a primer anyway, I decided to play it safe and pick up Painterly, which I did swatch, but it was literally invisible against my skin in the photo, and in real life! (Also, apologies for the finger smush in the middle, I had the MAC bag in my pocket and when I was feeling anxious on the plane before take off, I swatched them to soothe myself, because that's, you know, totally normal.)

I then actually left the shop, figuring that in my tired and anxious state, it wasn't the time to make makeup purchases... 15 minutes in the soul destroying boredom of a departure lounge soon drove me back into MAC. I picked up my first ever MAC eyeshadow! I had the names of so many floating about in my head; 'Ricepaper', 'Patina', 'Antiqued', 'Woodwinked' and I had heard bloggers I love rave about these shades, but ultimately, I decided to just go for one I I was drawn to instead and so I picked up Satin Taupe, which is a cool, taupe shade with some silver shimmer in it

All sensibilities left me at this point and I decided to get a lipstick too. Again, I had a whole list of names in my head - some I'd seen on others, some I'd swatched and loved myself but for some reason I decided to go for the shade Up the Amp which is an Amplified Creme Finish. It is a lovely shade, don't get me wrong - I just don't know why I chose it over a more wearable shade like Patisserie. Anyway, Up the Amp is a cool, purple toned pink - a bit like Rebel but much lighter and a bit more pink ( not really like Rebel at all, is it Kitty?..).

And that's it, that's all I bought from duty free! I actually still had about $40 in my wallet - and now, believe me - I wish I'd run back and spent it, but I hate the thought of having zero cash on me in a foreign place, just in case. Darned sensibilities!

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