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Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Autumn/Winter Palette

It's a new season, and what does that mean dear readers, if not an excuse  *ahem* valid reason to purchase a new eyeshadow palette, for creating those all important seasonal styles. This year I've chosen the Urban Decay Smoked Palette because it's so freaking pretty  I mean, I'll get a lot of use out of it.

So let's start with the packaging; my favourite palette packaging of all time, ever, hands down. You all know I'm not keen on that magnetic cardboardy set-up (especially on higher end palettes) it feels flimsy and cheap, well this is about as far from that as it could be. It has a zip. You can actually zip it securely closed; no more wondering if it's going to flop open in your handbag. Amazing. Aesthetically it's really awesome too; nice black on black text on the front, it feels sleek and well thought out but still oddly grungy and utilitarian, love it.

Let's open it up then. *unzips the palette and smiles far more than a person should when opening a cosmetic product*

But Kitty, I hear you cry frantically, some of those colours are not varying shades of neutral browns - I know dear reader, I know. I actually passed up on the Naked 2  palette for this one - a palette with colours in it. Being realistic though, to me 7/10 of those colours are nudes/wearable shades and the three colours they've thrown in are the most beautiful, wintery jewel tones. And I want to wear different coloured makeup, I really do, so hopefully this palette can teach me the ways....

Let's look at the colours...

KINKY // A very pale, very matte nude - meant to be used as a highlighter I'm sure. Unfortunately this isn't the best shade on me as it's too close to my skin tone to be very visible, especially as a highlight, and frankly, I prefer shimmer in my highlights anyway.

FREESTYLE // A matte, peachy nude. Love this as an all over the lid colour for a more subtle,daytime look. It's shades like this that make this palette so dynamic.

MUSHROOM //  Completely in love with this colour; it's a goldy, grey, taupe colour. It looks a lot more extremely shimmery here in the photo (and actually in the palette to) than it looks on my eyes. Easily my most worn shade from this palette.

BACKDOOR // A matte chocolate brown. This in the crease with freestyle on the lid is a great, super fast look. I also like using this as a liner for my bottom, or even top lashes.

BLACKOUT // I use black shadow quite a lot actually (maybe more than I should?). I like having something really dark to apply right at the end of even casual looks, just to add definition to the very outer corner of my eye - it drives me mad when palettes lack a simple, straight up black or brown.

BARLUST // A chocolate-ish brown with quite a lot of gold shimmer running through it. Love this shade for my crease on days where I'm not afraid of a little shimmer (read: most).

ROCKSTAR // The first of the non-neutrals! Rockstar is a deep, cool toned, shimmery purple. It's actually surprisingly wearable - and really nice for creating Autumnal looks.

EVIDENCE // A metallic feeling, cool, almost electric blue. I'm not going to lie, I've only used this as a liner so far, under my eyes, but it is a really beautiful shade and I will work up to doing more with it. Baby Steps...

LOADED // Again I'm a little scared of this shade! Loaded is a blue toned, almost forest green with a shimmery finish. What's interesting is that in some lights it looks very green whereas in others, it looks almost black.

ASPHALT // And lastly we have Asphalt which is a deep, charcoal grey with silver shimmer running through. I actually use this a lot; I love the kind of grungy look it gives.


**** Hello, slight interlude. The post is lacking in really any photos from here on out - why? Well, I wanted to photograph my Autumn palette in a nice outdoor, y'know, Autumnal setting. And where do I live? And what happens in Scotland? That's right, it rains. I was racing the weather as I took these photos with big drops of rain beginning to hit the ground around me. So after I got the swatch shot, I legged it inside... and promptly apologised to my palette for the hardship and tucked it away safe... without photographing the next couple of bits... sorry ****
  Eyeshadows covered, what else is in the palette. Well there's a big mirror - always a bonus, especially on a palette like this that is so good for travelling with - did I mention it has a zip!?!. Also, there's a little slot in the middle - is that for pointlessly housing a foam applicator that nobody will ever use? Why, no actually it isn't, instead they've utilized the space to house something useful that people actually want - a jet black Perversion 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner. What a great idea; and once this one is finished, I can simply slot another Urban Decay liner in there because the one supplied is in fact a standard, full-size pencil.

The palette also came with a travel size bottle of their Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion which is great to get as they really do last a long time (as in the bottle will last you a long time, although, you know, the primer does too... if you see what I mean...)

Also in the box came a guide to using the palette to create various looks. Now usually I flick through these kinds of things once and promptly direct them to the (recycling) bin - but this one is actually pretty amazing. It's not that I consider myself to generally be above these booklets - far from it, I would love some tips and instructions and guidance - it's that generally these books contain the most basic of info and looks that we would all think of on our own. This booklet on the other hand, was written by one of Urban Decay's founders and it's so beautiful, some of the looks are so out there, and yet, with the palette sitting there and find myself tempted to see if I can pull it off, and some looks are much more simple, but honestly, the standard of the illustrations and the clear knowledge behind them all, makes the whole thing so, inspiring. I'm so happy it came with this little book.

And so yeah, this is my new palette, why I chose it and what I love about it now having used it! I'm going to do a Favourite Faces with the Urban Decay Smoked Palette post in a couple of weeks or so, so let me know if there's any particular look you'd like to see.


  1. Hi Kitty!

    These colours look gawj - such an autumnal feel!!

    i have heard great things about urban decay but i don't think i've ever bought any of their products cos they're a bit pricey!

    that's great it came with a guide too! i usually have no clue what i'm doing when it comes to make up!

    I want to learn how to do a proper smokey eye... this seems like a good palette for it??

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey

    1. They are pricey yeah, but I look at it as an investment. They last a long time and each palette normally contains a lot of product, so if you spread the cost out over the time you'll actually have the palette, it's actually not that bad.

      The guide certainly does make it easy to learn more about using the palette and feel like you're getting the most of it, and I think the range of colours is just perfect for Autumn/Winter smokey eyes, so yeah, I probably would recommend this for someone looking to learn smokey eyes.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Hi kitty!

      yeah deffo make up hardly ever runs out... i only replace stuff like mascara, foundation and concealer probs around every 6/7 months - everything else like shadow and blush lasts me ages!!

      you're welcome hun, thanks for replying :)

      hope you're having a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Lovely palette! Can't beat Urban Decay. They've got one of the best eyeshadows in the market. x
    | Instagram

    1. Yup, no matter what other shadows I try it always comes back to ".... yeah, but it's not as good as Urban Decay!" Lol.
      Thanks for reading! x


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