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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Winter Highlighter

I don't know if it makes me weird or not (based on past life experience to this point, I'm going to say, probably yes) but until this Autumn/Winter, I've always been a seasonal highlighter. In Summer I love a good shimmery glow in a pot as much (if not maybe slightly more) than the next person, but in Winter I got all my shimmer from the shadow on my eyes and maybe a blusher with some sparkle, and that was quite enough,  thank you very much. I suppose I just associate creating a bronzed or highlight-y glow with Summer - I mean, it barely looks plausible on my pale skin in the height of Summer, so who the heck am I trying to kid in Winter?!??

However, a month or so ago, my little sister very kindly bought me a present from Lush (my favourite kind of present) and it was the Feeling Younger Skin Tint - something I'd seen several bloggers rave about (including The Sunday Girl, whom I love), but I'd never remembered to swatch for myself because for some bath bomb related reason I always kind of forget to go over and look in the makeupy section at Lush. 

Anyway, this is a cream, totally vegan highlighter that comes in a little pot. The pot tells me it can be mixed in with your moisturiser or foundation - to create an all over glowy look - or, it can be used to conceal undereye circles. Well, erm, much as I love this product, neither of those work for me.

I didn't like adding it to my skin tint/mosituriser/ foundation as I find it doesn't translate the shimmer very well, but the prominent pink tones show through in all the wrong places and basically, that isn't something my very ruddy skin tone needs any help with. As for under the eyes, I feel it really draws more attention to the area than it detracts, so basically the opposite of the desired effect for me. 

.... So.... why is this my new favourite highlighter?

1. It's pink toned (as I mentioned), so it looks really natural on my skin when applied to small areas at a time, like my cheek bones, my cupids bow etc..

2. If you apply just a little to your cheekbones, it looks unbelievably subtle. It looks like a true, natural glow - great for winter when you're trying to just look a bit healthier and not trying to have that I've just been sailing round the Med for a week look!! That being said, because it's a cream, you can easily layer it up if you want a more dramatic highlight for a night on the town (or whatever the cool kids say now...).

3. This lasts all day on my face. It really does. Now granted, I don't have troubles with oily skin sliding makeup about, but honestly, even when I cook and there's steam, or if I exercise (LOL, imagine) - this stays put.

4. Of course, I try to use as many Lush products in my daily routines as I can; to support the good work they do for so many great causes - including, of course, their strong stand against animal testing.

It also comes in a 20g pot - and, given that I use one little dab per cheek, this is going to last me a long time, so for £12, it really is good value.

A very light application - like I would normally use - it's so subtle and glowy without being a full on shimmer.

 Building it up a little more, in case you want to for a night out or whatevs
I'm so happy I received this as a gift, it really is a Winter staple for me now and I urge you, next time you're in a Lush store, take a minute to walk away from the bath ballistics, the colourful soap and the beautiful gift boxes and wander over to the little section of relatively unnoticeable jars, have a good swatch - and trust me, you'll be glad you did. 

 It's also available, here, for £12.


  1. I love how natural this looks on your skin. I also forget to ever looks at the makeup bits in Lush since i am always getting distracted by all the bath bombs but next time I will try to make sure I gets out a few of their other products x

    Beauty with charm | GIVEAWAY

    1. It really is such a great product - I'm wearing it today and I don't have foundation on. Normally, no foundation = no highlighter for me as I feel it just clings to everything and exaggerates problems, but this still looks really good!

  2. I'm the exact same with shimmer. I love it during the Summer but completely forget about it during A/W. I must try this the next time I'm in Lush. It's so subtle. Really compliments your skin tone.x

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, trying to remember to walk over and check it out in Lush is really difficult - so worth it though!!



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