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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rinse Bath & Body Co.

Rinse Soap Pucker Stick Body Lotion Natural Review

During their annual Food and Wine Festival, Disney World also takes the opportunity to stock merchandise from smaller companies - some more unique offerings than the standard theme park merchandise. Rinse Bath & Body Co. is one of these brands and I discovered their stand one day in a shop I don't normally venture into, but the heavens had just opened so we were hiding! Thank Goodness for that rain shower!

Rinse Bath & Body Co. is a small business from Georgia - the kind of business that's still run by actual people who have an actual passion for what they do and the products they make. Their products are unique and have an emphasis on natural and often entirely vegan ingredients - I've only tried a few things so far, but have loved them all.
Rinse Soap Pucker Stick Body Lotion Natural ReviewRinse Soap Pucker Stick Body Lotion Natural Review

First up, there are Skin Sticks which are essentially giant lip balms made of body lotion - how awesome!?! I have dry skin, like really dry skin and sometimes it gets so dry, it gets itchy - especially my elbows - so having portable lotion like this is majorly handy. It's also a very intensive lotion, so at night, once I've applied normal lotion all over, I take this and apply it to more sensitive areas like my knees, ankles, elbows and collarbone. It's a thick, solid lotion that really is like a healing balm for your skin. I picked up two of these, one in Fresh Fig (which is just the most delicious clean, fresh smell) and the other in Mango (which, as  you might expect is a much more zesty, fruity smell, but not that kind of ridiculously sweet, artificial mango scent we get all too often).
Rinse Soap Pucker Stick Body Lotion Natural Review

I also picked up a Pucker Pack which is a cute little set containing a Polish Stick and a Pucker Stick.The Polish Stick is a lip exfoliant, and it is by far the best one I've ever used - it is so, so easy to use, it's 100% natural and it leaves my lips feeling so clean, but not stripped at all. The Pucker Stick is a 100% natural lip balm, I chose the flavour Ginger Lemongrass because it sounded a bit different, and honestly, the freshness of the ginger and the lemon combined with the fresh feeling the Polish Stick - it's like a spa treatment for your lips.

So, I mentioned above that this is a small US company, well, the good news is, they ship internationally. There are really very few lip balms and lotions that I would consider paying international shipping for, honestly, this stuff is that good. Also, if you do decide to place an order, don't panic when you don't see International Shipping prices  - just email them with what you think you'd like to order, and they'll work out the costs and let you know before you buy.

Would just like to add that this is not a sponsored post, nor have I received any goods for free for the purpose of review - I just really really  like this company, and feel it's worth paying a little extra for great quality products that are made with love.

There website is, here, if you'd like to take a look!

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