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Friday, 31 October 2014

Urban Decay's Naked2 Basics Palette

What happens when your boyfriend is feeling romantic, spendy and thoughtful all at the same time? Well, you get an Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette... apparently. I know, it was a new concept to me too lol! ;) Anyway, yes, that is how this palette came into my hands - lucky me! I had seen the launch for this, and heard it was more cool toned, and then I banned myself from looking at it further because I knew I'd HAAAAVVVE to have it and that just wasn't an option financially, or sensibly really. However, we were in Debenhams last week and I just couldn't resist a look - well, how could I? I had a look, I had a swatch and I fell in love. I just knew I would get so much wear out of it - it would be the perfect travel palette that the original Naked Basics Palette just never quite was for me - a couple of the shades just aren't right for my super pale skin tone. But *sigh* I already have many, many palettes and so there was no way I could justify this.

Fast Forward two days when I came in from work (no, haven't found a job yet, have managed to pull some shifts for a few weeks at my sister's work) and Kenny presented me with this palette. There were many squeals and jumps - all the while being careful to protect the palette of course.The good news is, I was right; I have worn it every day since and I love it. It's like it was made for me. It's so easy to work with so it's great for when you're in a rush before work, it's so versatile - great for keeping in your handbag to transform a look 'from day to night' as they say, and it's so flattering; there really is just something about matte nude shades that just makes them perfect for basically every occasion.

First shade in the palette is Skimp, which is the highlight shade. It's shimmery, but not as shimmery as Venus was in the original palette - this is more of a satin - and it's a kind of cool toned peachy shade. It's not an uber harsh or bright highlight, but it still gets the job done even on my super pale skin. 

Then there's Stark which, as the name implies, is a kind of erm, stark naked skin tone. It's great because it's darker than the equivilant shade in the original palette, so for pale gals like me, this shows up a lot more, but is still very subtle, or a great transitional shade in the crease.

Then we have Frisk - this is a cool almost mushroomy grey-brown and it's a firm favourite of mine already. I love this all over my lid for work; the cool tone is just so flattering and it kind of just enhances your eyes but without looking too much like you're wearing shadow.

Then we have Cover which, as a kind of muted reddish, earthy brown seems a lot warmer than the rest of the palette to me - but what do I know. I really like it. I actually love this under my lower lashes - the red tone makes it kind of grungey looking and we all know how much I love that.

Up next is Primal which, along with Frisk, is my most worn shade so far. Primal is a deep, but still muted, chocolate brown. It's a perfect crease colour - and so easy to blend out,

Finally we have Undone which is, unlike the first palette, not a black shade. In acrylic paint terms it's a muted Burnt Umber - for anyone that helps. Otherwise, it's a deep charcoal-ish brown - a very nice alternative to a black. More wearable, but still very dark for when you want to make a really smokey look.

Expect to see some posts with me wearing this - as basically, it's all I plan on wearing for a while. if you've ruled this palette out because you already own the original Naked Basics, or even any other similar palettes, I strongly suggest you go and at least have a swatch of this; it really is something special.

The palette costs £22 and is available, here.

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