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Monday, 13 October 2014

Use it or Lose it

I can't be the only one, surely. You have your "makeup I use everyday", then your, "stuff I like to switch out sometimes", then your, "Yeah, I use it if I'm going to..." and then your "I don't use it a whole lot, but I like it" and lastly, you have, inexplicably, some items which can only really be labelled, "Oh yeah, that, nope, never use it". How does it happen? I mean sure, maybe sample boxes are to blame to some extent - you get stuff you would never buy but you can't really pass it on straight away because the whole point of these boxes is to try things, but actually, none of the makeup above came to me as a gift, or as a beauty box product. I chose, and bought it all - so how does it come to be that it just ends up forgotten? Sometimes, you don't like it, but for some reason, don't toss it, and other times, you just flat out forget to experiment with it... right?

E.L.F Liquid Lipstick in Bark - £1.95 //
I bought this online and from the moment it arrived, I just didn't dig it. It's not a 'liquid lipstick', it's just a lipgloss. Now fortunately this is cheap, so no great loss (although I did actually buy two, so...) but still, it smells delicious and while I was disappointed in it being a gloss, I don't remember it being a horribly unusable gloss so it's time to try and use it, or lose it.

Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement - £9.50 //
 On paper, this is the perfect base product for me. Pale skin? Check. Don't like wearing foundation all the time? Check. Skin gets easily irritated and reddened? Check. This is a colour tint, filled with soothing and protecting ingredients like oat milk, honey and aloe vera. It's designed for people with pale, sensitive skin, and what you do is, you mix it into your daily moisturiser and apply it to your face as a base. It should even your tone out a bit and provide some needed moisture. I was so excited to get this, but on first use it just did not work - so, in the drawer it went, and there it remained. Time to stop being so lazy and actually have a shot at making it work for me.

Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Grass - £4/£5 //
I've had this for a while, so long I can't find it listed online anywhere (except kind of stragglers hanging around on Amazon). When I came across it I actually expected it would be dried up, but, probably since the tube has never been opened, it's still fine. It probably doesn't have long left though, so I need to start using it!

E.L.F Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette for Hazel Eyes - I bought it in the sale for £2.40 //
This also isn't listed on the website anymore, but I haven't had it that long, honest! I remember seeing it and thinking it was nice to see something for hazel eyes, as normally it's just blue, brown or green. However all but two of the shadows have basically no pigmentation so I've never worn it! Time to see if it's workable or not!

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Shade One (Natural Glow) - no longer listed online (And by the way, is anyone else starting to think there be a correlation between the fact that so many products I haven't like have been discontinued!) //

So I bought this and it was one of my first bronzers. I applied it a couple of times, looked like I had dipped my face in chocolate and hid the bronzer away in a drawer so I wouldn't give small children nightmares. But now, having built my confidence and skill with bronzers a little, it's time to see if it was me, or this bronzer causing those initial, traumatizing issues.

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in Grape Fizz - £6.49 //

I love Revlon polishes, but for some reason, I've never gotten on with this one. Worn on its own it's streaky and never builds up to anything proper looking, but worn over another polish it kind of unpleasantly obscures it somewhat and also, looks streaky. Last resort is to try it over black nails, we shall see. (Also, slightly unpleasantly, it smells exactly like Calpol - which is disturbing and brings back memories of trying to pretend not to be sick so I wouldn't be forced to take Calpol...

It may not look like much stuff, and maybe some people would toss it without a second thought but actually a) this is just the tip of the iceberg and b) I spent over £23 on this stuff, and I don't know about you, but that's more money than I just like to throw away! Do you have products like this? How do you handle it?



  1. I started to pass things straight along to my sisters when it does not suit me. I know it will just rot in my drawers until its gone bad otherwise. The other stuff, i make a point at weekends to go through it and try it again. Recently i tried a liquid eyeliner which i bought for my wedding and was applied back then by my aunt which is a professional make up artist. I was kind of scared to use it. So one weekend i just did and now i am in looooove with it.

    1. I know, I should be more disciplined and just make myself get rid of stuff - I'm so bad at it though!! I'm generally scared of liquid liners too - but you're right, at weekends I should have a go and play with them.


  2. It's a shame about the nail polish as the colour is gorgeous!

    1. I think I'm getting somewhere with it!! I tried it over black nails (finally found my black polish lol) and it looks really good - I'm so glad because like you say, it really is a lovely colour!

      Thanks for reading,


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