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Friday, 7 November 2014

Buying Makeup in Weird Places

makeup bargain budget haul Wet n Wild Bourjois Sleek

There are some situations you expect to buy makeup in; you go into Boots for toothpaste you know there's makeup there, you're at an airport and you know you'll be heading to the MAC counter, heck, you're doing your weekly shop and there's a makeup aisle in Tesco - these are all outings you expect, or at least can envisage yourself coming home from with makeup. Then, sometimes, you go random places and find yourself buying makeup there, these are a couple of those places.

makeup bargain budget haul Wet n Wild Bourjois Sleek

makeup bargain budget haul Wet n Wild Bourjois Sleek

Charity Shops

I've seen over the years various local charity shops have bits of makeup in them; usually an off brand eyeshadow here, a smashed blusher there, maybe some slightly past it looking nail varnish thrown in for good measure, but recently, in my local Shelter store I came across a couple of gems. First up, some bits from Wet n Wild - which were all factory sealed. I picked up three of the Wild Shine lipsticks - which have some serious pigmentation - for 99p each. Also from Wet n Wild I grabbed a Silk Finish Blusher in the shade Naive for 49p. Now, of course, Wet n Wild is pretty much the definition of a budget brand, so you could argue there isn't much saving there - but it isn't readily available in the UK, so it's not something I would otherwise have in my collection.

Also in Shelter I picked up something which I'm sure will be a little more controversial - tester bottles of the now discontinued Bourjois Detox Organic foundation. Now, the reason these were controversial? They weren't sealed, and the line is discontinued - so how old were these things and what happened to them?! These are the bottles that stores like Boots sit out as testers, they contain 12ml and were selling for 49p - 30ml bottles of the foundation sold for £10.99, so, you know, bargain central. Maybe some people wouldn't have touched these, and if I wasn't seriously skint, I probably wouldn't have but as it is, I am skint, so I bought one, took it home and tested it on my arm, then, the next day, my face... and I was fine... So I went back and picked up five more! (I will repeat the skin tests for each bottle, just to be safe) 
makeup bargain budget haul Wet n Wild Bourjois Sleek
Car Boot Sales

Erm, yes, I know, it sounds weird, but hear me out. Where I live there's the 'Sunday Market' which is held at the racecourse and has various stalls and stands like butchers (keeping meat outside, unrefrigerated for hours, um, no, I'll pass thanks), bakers, and all you know, the usual tat you expect at these things. There's also a big car boot sale section. Now of course, I've seen random people selling odd bits of used makeup *shudder* and have walked right by without a second glance, but, a few weeks ago, I came across a lady who had a stall made up entirely of 'new' makeup - I say 'new' because most of it wasn't sealed, so.. you know. There was a whole range of stuff from Too Faced to Maybelline to Urban Decay - but, like I said, mostly it wasn't sealed. Then, I saw this Sleek Supreme Palette which I've wanted for the longest time, but I've never found in stock anywhere. Well that was too good to walk away from - I opened it (with the stallholders permission) and had a good look, all the shadows looked untouched and so I walked away with it for £3. Bargain.

makeup bargain budget haul Wet n Wild Bourjois Sleek

Between finds like these and sites like Cohorted and Cosmetics Fairy it's definitely opened my eyes to their being different ways and places to buy makeup than just Boots and Debenhams - caution is obviously needed when buying from off-the-beaten-track places like charity shops; as well as damage and contamination, there's always a risk of fakes, but, if you use some common sense, you can walk away with some real bargains.

Have you ever bought makeup someplace weird?


  1. I love picking up a good bargain when it comes to makeup, i try the markets and car boots too :) xx

    1. We've just moved to Glasgow (no internet yet in the flat - hence how ridiculously long its taken me to reply to comments!!) and I'm already so excited about finding markets and charity shops to look for bargains in!

      thanks for reading!


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