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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Soap from Lush

Lush Christmas Soaps Reindeer Rock and Yog Nog

Please excuse the fact that one of those bars of soap has been used - I'm not generally in the habit of photographing these sorts of things once I've had them by the sink for a few days, and in fact, I hadn't planned to do a Lush Christmas haul/post this year since I'd 'just picked up a couple of soaps', but actually, after using Yog Nog a few times, I just knew I had to talk about it.

I decided this year not to go Christmas bath product daft as I only have a bath every couple of weeks, and I don't want to still be using snowmen in April, however, Lush did not bring back my beloved Ponche shower gel, and so I was a little unsure as to whether I'd still find some things to make me feel all fuzzy and festive.

I actually smelled Reindeer Rock first and was amazed at how fruity and yet how fresh it smelled. I feel like a lot of times, in winter, we get these cranberry scents, but a lot of them can be kinda heavy or almost, musty? This, however, is made from ligonberries, cyrpress oil and bergamot oil - so you get that intense berry rush that isn't weighed down and still smells overwhelmingly clean. This also worked well for me because Kenny can't do cinnamon smells - they make the poor little lamb feel sicky *rolls eyes*.

After asking for some Reindeer Rock to be cut for me, I made the dangerous mistake of, just sniffing some things while I wait, and I came across Yog Nog. This is now hands down my favourite Lush Christmas soap of all time! It's made with Soya Yoghurt which gives it such a rich, creamy lather and good moisturisation-ing  powers; which is kinda key at this time of year. Scent wise, to me it smells like a kind of winter spiced Butterscotch Angel Delight which I appreciate is probably a terrible description, but that is exactly what I get from it. Also, it smells so strongly that you get a waft of it every time you go into the bathroom, which is a nice bonus! (Also, Kenny isn't wild about this one, but I just love it soooo much I couldn't be without it!)

Have you tried out any Christmas soaps from Lush this year? What's your all time favourite?

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