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Friday, 21 November 2014

Favourite Five: Winter Pampering Treats

Winter pampering treats
Winter pampering treats beauty
Winter pampering treats beauty
Winter pampering treats beauty

It's cold and dark outside and my dry skin somehow becomes even drier - that can only mean one thing; winter is here, and it's time to start looking out some moisture-ful treats to soothe my sore skin and grumpy mood. Bah, rain again.

Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum £14.99

Along with dry skin, comes dry hair of course. I have big, thick, curly hair that leans towards dry at the best of times, and when the weather changes it honestly becomes so brittle and frizzy looking if I'm not careful. I really like this serum because I feel it absorbs well into my hair and doesn't hang around and look greasy. It provides some replenishment of moisture and just generally leaves my ringlets looking sleeker - I just gently rub some into the lengths of my hair before bed and leave it to work some magic.

Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask (which of course, now I love it, is now discontinued!)

As someone with sensitive, dry skin something with 'deep cleansing' in the title can evoke some fear; so often these things are so harsh and damaging for my face, but, with the constant application of thick moisturisers, I've started to get some blocked pores around my nose area and so something had to be done. I love applying this just around the kind of centre of my face and when I wash it off, my skin feels worlds clearer and brighter. It's fantastic; not harsh, no strong smells, and it really gets the job done!

Lush Hottie Massage Bar £5.95
I haven't delved into the world of Lush Christmas bath bombs just yet - struggling to pick some out this year, they all seem AWESOME - but Hottie is an absolute winter staple for me. I use it as an intensive moisturiser on my legs and arms; just rub it over my skin until it begins to melt in. This is formulated with black pepper and ginger oil, which ensure it's not only moisturising but warming and soothing for sore muscles... or cold legs, in my case.

Rinse Bath & Body Co. Skin Stick in Fresh Fig $8

Picked this up in the States a couple of months ago and am really just in love with it; it's basically solid body lotion and I just love using it on drier patches like my elbows, it's so fast to apply a thick coating of lotion and really, this stuff isn't greasy or sticky at all. Oh, and did I mention it smells like figs?!?! Win, win, win.

Sanctuary 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil £7

I love the classic Sanctuary scent, I use a lot of their products, year round. But this shower oil really helps me out in the winter months; I should apply lotion after every shower, but sometimes I just don't have time, or the flat is too cold lol! If I know I'm not lotioning afterwards, then I rub this all over in the shower and it really locks in some moisture and keeps my skin soft and protected.

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