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Monday, 17 November 2014

Mini Drugstore Haul

Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty
Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty

And the lesson for today, folks, is; never go into a shopping centre just to see light up reindeer – you will somehow end up in Boots, and at Essence, shopping. Of course. So yes, there I was, little old country village gal, getting used to wandering around the big city of Glasgow, popping into the St Enoch Centre to look at giant, illuminated caribou – on one hand it’s great how much easier it is to do things in a city than when you live in a village, but on the other hand, it’s scary just how easy it is to shop…

Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty

So yes, where were we? Ah, Boots of course, and I think all things considered, I was rather restrained. First thing I picked up was a BarryM Nail Varnish (well, ‘holes in the head’ were out of stock so, you know) in the shade Vintage Violet which I think is one of the newer releases, and is a beautiful muted, dusky purple – I’ve been fighting the urge to buy this for a while now, I just couldn’t fight it anymore.

Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty

Then I picked up two lip liners, one from Rimmel inthe shade Eastend Snob and the other from Maybelline in the shade Sweet Pink (it's not showing up online!) - I’m really into trying out different things on my lips, after years of being a ‘lipstick only’ girl, I’m getting into glosses and creams and pencils – and so I thought I’d get these to play with, and see what they bring to the mix; I haven’t used them as yet though.

Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty

Still at the Maybelline counter and I picked up two of their Mono Eyeshadows I’ve heard so much about – I grabbed the shades Lustrous Beige and Ashy Wood. I don’t normally go daft for single eyeshadows, very rarely do I use just one shadow on my eyes and so it always seems like kind of a hassle having them all separate, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about these recently so I just had to try them out; I’m pleased to say they live up to the hype and I’ve been wearing them as a very easy duo.

And lastly from Boots I hit the Sleek counter and picked up one of their new Eye andCheek Palettes in Dancing 'Til Dusk.  Shadows and blushes are my favourite products from Sleek and so to have them combined in a handy (not to mention, stinkin’ adorable) palette like this, was pretty much a dream come true. While the blushes are fantastic – the usual quality – I’m not sure the shadows are the same as what’s usually in their palettes? Maybe it’s just me but I thought they seemed a little less pigmented and chalkier? Nevertheless, it’s a great palette, so handy for travelling with.

Haul drugstore UK Boots Essence Makeup Beauty

So, I walk out of Boots (the long way, I have to walk right around to the edge of the store to avoid the Smashbox counter and the undoubtedly ensuing Full Exposure purchase) and oh look, a pop up Essence store, of course there is. It was nice to see the full range (or what I assume is the full range) all laid out and neat, with testers, in my local Wilko it’s a pretty small counter and it always looks like a gang of raccoons has just passed through it, hunting for hidden grubs at the bottom of the testers. Yeah. Anyway, it was really nice having a good old look and swatch at Essence and I picked up just a couple of things. Firstly one of their Eyeliners in Ms Moneypenny, it’s a kind of metallic peachy nude, which I thought was pleasantly different and I also grabbed a mascara - the Get Big Lashes Mascara - as I’m not loving the one I packed when I began the move to Glasgow so I thought I’d give this a go as an alternative.

And so, the first of, I’m sure, many, many Glasgow shopping hauls – let’s just be proud of me for a moment though, shall we? I’ve done well, considering there’s a Space NK and a Lush here!!!

P.S. - sorry for the quality of these photos; I loaned my camera to my Dad for a few days and normally, I'd have been prepared and taken all the photos beforehand, but what with the move and all, it wasn't an option, so excuse these rather crumby iPhone 4 photos please!!

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