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Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

Ocotber Favourites Beauty Urban Decay Lush Makeup

Normally, when monthly favourites time rolls around, I always start the post by saying, "Oh my gosh it feels like just yesterday I wrote the last monthly favourites!", but actually, this time it feels like forever ago, I suppose probably because I skipped a September favourites (I was in Florida for three weeks and wore zero makeup), so it's been two months since I last did a faves post. So, based on that, and the fact I bought lots of lovely things in Florida, you'd think I'd have loooooaaaads of favourites for October, right? Well, nope. I don't know why. I've been on a Project Pan so I've been kind of forcing myself to use things I might not otherwise, and also, I guess, with being unemployed and not going out much, I just haven't used as much makeup and stuff as I might normally.

Ocotber Favourites Beauty Urban Decay Lush Makeup

Firstly, to get the two weird ones out the way, we have two yummy things I bought in Florida, ate within days of being home and have mourned since. Firstly there's Mint Oreos - in the US Oreos come in a multitude of flavours ranging from awesome to outright bizarre - I played it safe and got the mint and oh my, they were something else! I checked prices to get them over here though and its like £7 - ouch! Then there's York Peppermint Patties (guess I was on kind of a mint kick, huh?) which are like mint fondant covered in dark chocolate - you do get similar over here, but these were just the perfect ratio of mint to chocolate for me. #firstworldproblems

Ocotber Favourites Beauty Urban Decay Lush Makeup

Body wise, I've actually been loving two items that I was using for my Project Pan. First up the the Ponche Shower Gel from Lush which was limited edition last Christmas, but they've decided not to bring back this year *sob*, still, there's no point in trying to hold onto it, it'll go off. It's a super rich, fruity smelling shower gel that has a boozy kick provided by the tequila that's in it - so wintery and warming. Then, there's the Sweet Lemon Body Whip Lotion from The Body Shop - I took this on holiday so when I use it, the smell takes me back which is nice (read: makes me want to start sobbing), and frankly I'm just loving how easy it is to use a lotion with a pump - I know, I'm so lazy. It does smell very much like lemon miringue pie though, which is a bit odd.

Ocotber Favourites Beauty Urban Decay Lush Makeup

Makeup wise, I have a few bits. The first is again, from my Project Pan and it's the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude - I still feel I may have a dud pencil here as it's mega dry and dragging (even more so than the sample in store, which let's face it, is saying something), but even so, I'm really enjoying wearing a nude liner on my water line - I'm actually starting to feel I look 'odd' when I wear something darker. Then, there's a kabuki brush from the brand Lola (I've never really heard of the brand, I got this in the amazing British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box) - I've been using this to apply my blusher and I feel like it dispenses just the right amount of product in a nice, even way for me - sometimes, I can accidentally be guilty of clown cheeks you see, so this is a nice helping hand to avoid that. Then there's the highlighter I've already raved about and it's Feeling Younger from Lush - I won't harp on about it (again) but it's a liquid/creme highlighter that is so easy to work with to create a subtle highlight, perfect for still getting a glow in winter without looking like a mermaid. Lastly this month there's a more recent addition, and normally, I wouldn't add something to a favourites when I've only had it a couple of weeks, as I feel it can usually take longer to get the true measure of a product, but this, there is no doubt, I LOVE this. This is the Naked2 Basics Palette from Urban Decay - I've already written a post on it - just yesterday in fact - so I don't to repeat myself, so I'll just say: this is everything the original palette wasn't quite for me. The colours are great for my skin tone, and my taste in shadow, the packaging is so sturdy and great for travel, the quality of the shadows is bang on (of course) - honestly, even if (like me) you don't need it - I really suggest having a look. I've worn it almost every day since and have no intention of changing that anytime soon!

And so that's it for this month's favourites; I'm sorry it's not the most exciting, but I didn't want to just add things in for the sake of it, I really don't see the point in that. Hopefully next month I'll have had the chance to try out more of my US goodies and you'll see some of those featured in here.

What have your favourite things been this month?


  1. Want to try these Oreos! ;ooo

    1. I finished them weeks ago and I still think about them literally everyday!! Is that a little sad?!?

      Thanks for reading!



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