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Sunday, 30 November 2014

#SHADOWSUNDAY: No7 Eyeshadow Palette

I don't have a whole bunch of experience with No7 shadows - over the years I've owned a few singles, but that's about it - and it's not a brand I hear a lot about, well, the foundations yes, but not really eye shadows. So when I saw this in the gift section at Boots, I wanted it - I mean, of course I did, it's an eyeshadow palette, is anyone shocked? - but at the same time, it wasn't available to swatch so it was a bit of a gamble. One thing I should mention is that the shadows in this palette are all taken from existing No7 quads and trios etc. so while this may seem like a great gift for a No7 cosmetics lover, there's actually a good chance they may have a lot of it in their collection.

I'm pleased to say the gamble paid off for me - I do really like this palette. But let's start at the very beginning, shall we?

Packaging wise, let's address the elephant in the room - this thing is big. It's about 50% bigger than my Vice 2 palette (although, I'm bad with measurements, maths and scale perception, so you know, you get the gist but take the actual numbers with a pinch of salt...). It is however, very slim - but given the size, I'm not sure that actually does much to make it more travel friendly. I'd say really this is a palette for someone who has a makeup table or at least always does their makeup in the one location. The actual design of the packaging is very simple, just metallic toned plastic with a clip closure in front and the logo on the lid - I actually really like the simplicity. 

Inside, we have a HUGE mirror; you could easily use this as your makeup mirror for doing your face everyday - although, while it does prop open itself, mine doesn't seem to sit at the optimum angle? Although it could just be because I'm very short.

Inside, there's 20 eye shadows and that's it - no brush or applicator, another reason why this is more of a 'desk palette' than an 'on the go' number. The eye shadow pans are a good size and the colours are laid out in an aesthetically pleasing, if not actually all that logical manner. The shadows don't have names but are numbered (on the little plastic insert) 1-20 working down each column.

One: An almost matte, cream shade - good as a brow bone highlighter.
Two: A warm toned, matte nude, great for sweeping all over the lid.
Three: A very sparkly white - this to me is almost too much loose glitter rather than a cohesive shadow, but then, at this time of year, can you have too much glitter?
Four: A matte, very pale, off white. I personally could have done with one or four, but I suppose it's good to have the two for different skin tones.

Five: An almost metallic, warm toned, medium brown
Six: It's a taupe shade that has an almost cool blue duochrome in it, which of course, doesn't pick up in the photo above, but is rather nice in person.
Seven: A matte mushroom grey.
Eight: A very pale, pinkish white, with, again, a kind of blueish duochrome effect.

Nine: peachy shade with a gold shimmer running through.
Ten: bronze shade with a gold metallic finish.
Eleven: blue metallic, silver grey shade.
Twelve: Deep purple shade with silver glitter running through it.

Thirteen: medium brown with a kind of silver duo chrome finish.
Fourteen: Metallic copper.
Fifteen: Gunmetal grey with silver/blue, quite chunky glitter running through.
Sixteen: This one is difficult, it's similar to number twelve but more cool toned and with chunkier glitter.

Seventeen: Deep burnt umber brown with silver glitter running through it.
Eighteen: Metallic greeny gold.
Nineteen: Matte, slate grey
Twenty: Black (or potentially very, very dark brown) with copper glitter running through it.

While there are some matte (or near matte) shades, I'd say overall this palette has a kind of festive sparkle feel. I like this as an everyday palette; but then I wear a lot of metallic shades anyway.

Quality wise I'd say a few things. The mattes don't have the best pigmentation in the world and are maybe best left for the crease. The metallics and duochromes are lovely - I find them to be the easiest to work with and the nicest finishes. And lastly, the chunky glitter shadows are, for me, a bit too much glitter and not enough oomph in the shadow to hold it together - I would definitely use a primer or cream base shadow with these. But it's nitpicking really; overall it's a very workable, very wearable, HUGE palette for the price.

The palette cost £20 and is in the Christmas Gift 3 for 2 at Boots. For the price I'm very happy with it; Urban Decay it is not, but it is also half the price of a comparable palette. I feel like I can make a lot of looks with this and basically all the colours are very wearable for me - day or night. 

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  1. I've eyed this up on all my recent boot visits and so far resisted the temptation. I own so many palettes and with another on the wish list for a stocking filler it's safe to say I need to carry on resisting lol. Maybe I'll take a look in the sales :) after Xmas x

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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