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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stocking Fillers: Primark Makeup Bits

Stocking Fillers Primark Makeup Budget ChristmasStocking Fillers Primark Makeup Budget Christmas

I hate having to start a post with an apology, but I really need to here: sorry for the quality of the pics, they were taken (out of necessity) with my iPhone 4 AND despite it being the middle of the day, the lighting was rotten. I did consider retaking them but I've used the products so they do not look as pretty and neat as they do here!Anyway, moving on from that and today I wanted to share a couple of great stocking fillers I picked up at Primark - and it isn't fluffy socks or fleece lined tights; it's makeup!

So, firstly, of course, I gravitated towards the eyeshadow. They had two palettes out, one was a day time palette (kind of quite pale, nude shades) and the Metallic Palette which I picked up. It's a good range of metallic colours; not all just samey nudes which is nice. I see this as a palette to use in conjunction with your usual, everyday palette - you do your makeup as you like it, and then turn to this to add a pop a metallic finish. There really is something here that would tie in with every look. That being said, you could use this to create stand alone looks; especially with the festive night out season being upon us.

Quality wise these are good, but not great - but then, the palette costs £2.50, so actually when you consider that, it's pretty amazing. They're quite loose (fallout is a happenin') and I'd certainly advise using a primer underneath to give them something to cling too, and boost that pigmentation just a little bit.

There are no names for the shadows, below they're swatched top row left to right, and then bottom row, left to right.
Stocking Fillers Primark Makeup Budget Christmas
Stocking Fillers Primark Makeup Budget Christmas

Next thing I picked up was a Matte Lipstick for £1.50 - it's a kind of nude pink shade in the tube, and on my hand, but on my lips it has more grey tones; which are pretty on trend and I like, but probably isn't for everyone. (I've looked for a name, but I can't see any name or shade identifying number on the tube) The lipstick smells good, applies easily and while it doesn't have the best wear time, it's not so short it's a problem (plus, I mean, consider the price...). It is a matte finish and I do find it to be a little clingy and drying, but not really uncomfortable to wear - just pop some lip balm on underneath and you're good to go.

And the last thing I picked up was the most surprising, but also what I'm loving most. It's a rollerball perfume in the scent Pink Me Up and it cost £2. I started having a sniff of all the various perfumes, expecting them to be awful basically - I mean for that price, how could they not be? A fair few were OK, kind of reminded me of body sprays I used when I was 13, but then this one actually smells really good. It's clearly not a complex, Jo Malone-esque scent, but it's a nice, fresh, fruity smell and it doesn't smell funny when it hits my skin. I love a rollerball perfume, they're so convenient, and so this is an absolute GEM for me! Will be heading back in to pick up another one... or two...

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