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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Welcome to 1978

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent from Twitter and my comments section and everywhere else – we have moved to Glasgow (woohoo) and the flat has no internet (boohoo).

Yes, after all the toing and froing we ended up moving on November 1st and while it’s so great to have finally made the move, we ended up having the date confirmed pretty last minute; so we literally threw some clothes in a case and figured we’d sort everything else when we got here. Bearing in mind that I’m the person who makes spreadsheets to plan meals, and diagrams to sort my clothes – this has not been easy for me. We’ve been here more than a week and I still only have a suitcase of stuff as I don’t drive and can’t get my possessions from A to B on my own. Gah.

 It hasn't all been first-world-hardship though, I've tried some super yummy places to eat in the city! This is a pulled pork grilled cheese from Bread Meats Bread and seriously, AMAZING.

Having no internet (this post comes to you from a Starbucks) is also, of course, challenging – I knew it would be, you know it would be, but honestly, I never realised just quite how often I use the internet until this week. Everything from how to clean things (as in, how best to, some secret tips – I don’t just literally stand there with a mop Googling for a how-to) to recipes for meals, to finding out things about the new area and of course, keeping up with all the blogs and YouTube channels I follow. Not having internet makes the whole thing feel like some strange self-catering holiday out in the countryside – except for the fact that I’ve been ripping up carpets and building IKEA furniture, not something I normally did when on family camping trips. 

 Didn't realise quite how badly this door, and all the gloss work needed done until I started painting - yuk!

How is the flat? It’s grubby and in need of some love, but it’s all cosmetic stuff that we can do ourselves, which is brilliant. I’ve started little things already like gloss painting (who knew I could suck so badly, and that’s with the non-drip paint), buying soft furnishings (a crucial aspect of course) and building the aforementioned IKEA flat packs – which, no matter if I check at the start and follow all the instructions, I still, somewhat ominously end up with an unidentified screw at the end – it must go somewhere, gee, I’ll just throw it in this drawer for now…

But yes, I love the flat, and I’m loving having a project. Before I moved I had visions of me doing incredibly cool flat posts for the blog – like IKEA hauls and plant pot decorating tutorials (well, that sounds cool to me…), but now, I’m thinking something more practical may be in order; things I’m learning along the way, and things I wish I’d known beforehand. Would that be something people would like to see? Some posts about the reality of moving into a flat – especially an imperfect, not rented flat? Thoughts and tips on doing, not just cute d├ęcor, but necessary maintenance and improvements? I don’t know, I feel motivated to do this kind of thing, but maybe it doesn’t belong here – but on the other hand it’s my blog, and that’s my life right now, so how could it not fit here?

Anyway, I’m off for now, I hate using my laptop in cafes (I’ve worked in enough and seen enough hot drinks spilled on innocent technology, just sitting there, minding its own business), so I’m off back home, via some shops, of course.

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