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Monday, 24 November 2014

Welcome To My New Flat

We moved into our flat a few weeks ago (as of yesterday, we now have internet... finally) and while it's been a very exciting thing for me, I wasn't sure really how well it fits here on this site. I mean, I don't have a whole bunch of readers, but those lovely regular readers I do have, probably come here for makeup-y stuff and very possibly don't care about what was under the floorboards in my living room. So, bearing this in mind I was going to just wait (probably yeeeeaaars knowing me) until my flat looked Instagram-able and just share a 'ta-dah' photo or two, but then I thought, this is a big moment in my life and so, maybe selfishly, I want to blog about it. For those of you who are not interested, don't worry, I do have a few posts planned but they should be fairly spread out, I'm not making a weekly feature or anything ( takes me more than a week to finish any job here anyway, given that I have no upper body strength and a fear of ladders).

So, let's start shall we?

When we moved into this flat it was grubby. It was icky. It was in need of some love - but, it was all cosmetic stuff that we could do for ourselves. We needed paint, some soft furnishings, and a heck of a lot of elbow grease but all the big (read: expensive) stuff was in good condition - kitchen, bathroom suite, walls etc.
First photo above shows the difference in colours when painting the gloss work - not pleasant, but it does make the painting oddly satisfying, and easy to identify which parts you've painted!
 The living room carpet was past it (and that's putting it nicely). On day one, we discussed cleaning it, getting a steamer, saving money to lay laminate. On day two, I ripped it up anyway. Photo two shows the original colour of the carpet as seen under the fridge, and the general shades of grime that surrounded it!! Can you blame me for pulling it up?!

The Living Room

So, although this isn't a rental, the flat was left furnished by the previous owner - which is handy when you're just starting out, that's for sure!! The couch is again, past it. Ripped, a few stains but very comfortable (after being thoroughly cleaned and covered!) If I had the money I'd replace it tomorrow, but realistically it's functional and we spend very little time sitting on it anyway (we don't watch TV, just movies and Netflix on the PC in the bedroom).
The walls are cream, or at least they are now - I have a funny feeling that like the gloss work, they may have started off white. *shudder*, so they're next on my to do list. I think once the walls and gloss are finished it'll be a really nice, bright room.

Since ripping up the carpet, we felt the room felt a little bare and so we bought this cool rug from IKEA for just £30! It looks oddly like grass and even in the room's current, messy state, I think it looks pretty good!  As for the floor, that was underneath the carpet - it's in pretty good condition. I mean, there are some marks and scars but it's still in a nice enough way that you cannot help asking, repeatedly "why on Earth would you have left that carpet down when you have a floor like this underneath?!?!".

My Work Area

I have my little work station in the living room with my desk in front of the window so I can do my makeup in good daylight! The desk was left in the flat but it's actually alright, long term I'm sure I'll change it, but for now, it's totally functional. I really want some boxes to tidy the things on the shelves though as it's looking pretty cluttered!
I also, for the first time in my life, have space to lay out my makeup in a manner that means I can actually get to it all and am more likely to vary what I use. It's not pretty at the moment, it's just stored in old Glossyboxes in drawers but, again, it's totally functional so it's not a priority to sort it out.

The Kitchen

It's a very small kitchen, so there's not a whole lot to do or say about it! The tiles (and everything else) were in need of a good clean when we moved in and, even though the tiles are now mega clean, the grout is still yucky. I know you get all sorts of cleaning kits, but I'd actually like to regrout them black... though I worry it might be a little out of my DIY skill league! 
Everything else is basically fine (though the microwave is dead, it tried to blow up... while I was standing under it...), I'd like to change the floor, but y'know... priorities...

The Bathroom

It's one of those long bathrooms that is actually kinda big given the size of the flat! I like it though. Not too much needing done in here, the walls and woodwork need done, again, it's that 'we used to be white once' look (I've started the door in the photo above, but have not finished the window bit above it...oops) and I desperately need some storage for by the door, but Kenny and I cannot agree on anything, which isn't like us at all!
The floor, ceiling, suite and tiles are all great though, so it won't take much to get this room 'finished', and, as you can see, my priorities are clearly in order as I do have my festive soap all sorted!

The Bedroom

When we moved in this room was in the best condition - the floor is in really good condition, the walls are not as obviously needing painted and the furniture was all there really, even if it wasn't what I'd have chosen. While I work in the living room, Kenny works in the bedroom and so he's requested that nothing be done in the room for the foreseeable future as it would make it difficult for him to study - I totally get that. So, in the meantime all that's to be done to this room is some storage for my handbag/shoe overflow situation under the window, and, I need some kind of step ladder so I can actually reach the tops shelves and organise my walk in wardrobe.
And that's basically it! There's also an entry area and some big cupboards, but I won't subject you to that! It's all just so exciting for me though, it feels like every day something changes or moves forward a little and it feels less and less like 'playing house' as things go on.  The next post will be up in the next couple of weeks, and it'll be my Christmas tree eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!

Thanks for reading if you did, and apologies if this wasn't your cup of tea, it'll be back to makeup tomorrow with a mascara review!

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