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Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Litlle Catch Up

I've been absent for a few days from my blog, and for a lot longer on social media and the blogging community in general. I've talked about it before so I won't ramble on here again, but I have an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression and I'm going through a more rough patch just now. I'm not meaning for that to sound like 'I haven't blogged because...' because the reality is, I could have, and came close to on several occasions, but it wasn't 'clicking' like it usually does, and so I wanted to have a think about the whole thing.

I, like many, many others, would love to some day make a living from my blog, and I thought for a long time, if I blogged daily and put 30 hours a week into it, that would 'make it happen' sooner. While I'm sure that is the case for many people, and  may have been for me to if I could have stuck it out, the reality I'm finding is that it puts so much pressure on myself that I've stopped enjoying it, and, since I make diddly squat money from my blog - what is it if it's not a hobby to be enjoyed and relished?

It actually isn't that hard for me to put out seven posts a week, but I do find that two or maybe three of those I don't love - there's nothing wrong with them per se, they are just a bit meh, and I don't want meh content on here. I don't want to review something for the sake of it, or if my conclusion isn't very interesting, and I don't want to be blogging 'the new thing' just because it is 'the new thing'.

Of course, as well as my own personal issues going on at the moment, it's coming up to Christmas and let's face it everyone is busier this time of year. It's a funny one for me this year, it's the first year I've been away from home and I'm trying to make new traditions for Kenny and I and settle into a feeling of 'this is Christmas now'. I love reading people's blog posts about festive things, and I'm excited to produce my own, but again, I feel like if I drop down the amount of content I put out a week, it'll give me time to have more genuine festive fun, rather than a case of 'right, I need to bake tomorrow, so I can have the post up on Wednesday'; it's just not quite so much fun.

So, what I've decided to do is post every second day. Not on set days, just literally on alternate days. I feel I'll be able to do more in depth posts and more thought out content in general, plus I'll have more time to explore new kinds of posts like baking and DIYs - which to be honest, I feel more drawn towards than makeup at the moment anyway.

I hope that regular readers are OK with this new set up, and I hope that everyone is well and getting into the jolly festive spirit. I've also not been reading many blogs the past few days, so I'm looking forward to having a big marathon-reading catch up!

P.S. Apologies for the random photos, I can't leave a post without photos, but what exactly does go with a post like this??! So anyway, these are a couple of photos I took when Kenny and I were walking through Glasgow at night recently - the first is of the GOMA, and the second is a cute carrousel that's appeared for Christmas in George Square... so yeah, there you go.

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