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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Another NYX Haul

NYX makeup beauty haul
NYX makeup beauty haul

This haul could really be alternatively titled, ALL THE EYE SHADOWS, since I did go a little shadow daft, which, regular readers will know, is just not like me at all. Ahem. Anyway, this haul is actually from last month, but in the move I kind of forgot about it and it's ended up sitting in my drafts folder longer than intended.
NYX black label lipstick Mahogany

Before we get onto ALL THE EYE SHADOWS, a lip product did somehow make it into the basket. This is the NYX Black Label Lipstick in Mahogany (£4 in the sale). It's a really deep, brown toned red that can be a little stark on my super pale skin, but with some gloss over it, it's a great shade for this time of year.

NYX powder blush in Peach
NYX Powder Blush in Peach

Then I have a Powder Blush in the shade Peach (£6), I was actually kinda disappointed when this turned up as it's not really a peach at all, it's really a pink, and frankly, I don't need another pink blush! But I guess it's my fault for not checking out swatch photos before dropping it in the basket! Also, as far as the quality of NYX powder blushes goes in general, I'd say they're really great and they last super well on my skin.

NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette for Brown Eyes
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette for Brown Eyes

And now onto the shadows! I picked up four of the Ten Colour Eyeshadow Palettes (£6.50 each in the sale). They're pretty good shadows and there's some kind of different colour combos going on, plus, the palettes are quite dinky so they're great for travelling with if you'd like more than just a few standard nude colours. Above is the Palette For Eye Colour Brown - and the idea is that they're shades that would flatter a brown eye colour.
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette For Green Eyes
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette for green eyes

Then we have the palette For Eye Colour Green, which has a really different mix of shades, I'm not sure I'd make a look using only this too often, but any one of those greens would look great thrown in with an otherwise neutral eye look.

NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette jazz night
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette jazz night

Then we have Jazz Night which has some blues and metallics in there, admittedly, not something I'm going to reach for very often, but at that price, I couldn't resist.
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette haute model
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette haute model

And lastly Haute Model. I was really excited about this for Christmas time, I thought it was a pretty cool festive pallete, lots of glitter and again, while I might not use only this to do my eyes, I figured some of these would be nice to add in to a festive smokey eye look. I'm pretty disappointed in it though, the pigment in these kinds of glitter shades is a lot poorer, and even the shimmer isn't as strong as I'd have hoped for. They're pretty chalky, pretty similar shades really - would have skipped this one for sure if I'd known.

And that's what I picked up this time, I do love NYX but having to order online without being able to swatch is a pain, as is the £5 shipping charge on orders under £35, ouch! I'm sure in a few months I'll start browsing around their site again, but for now, I think I've picked up about everything I wanted to. 

What have you tried from NYX? Anything I'm missing out on completely? Anything I should avoid?

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