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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Festive Eyes - Stila In The Light

Festive Eyes Stila in the Light
Festive Eyes Stila in the Light

Remember that nice little post I did on Friday where I featured the £3 palette from Collection and was like; "yeah, I'm skint so this is all the festive eyeshadow I'll be buying this year", well I may be skint but I am also weak and I caved and picked up the Stila In The Light Palette (£25).

In fairness, it had been on my wishlist for a long time, and, when I saw some decent discount on it, how could I not pick up what is arguably the best neutral festive palette?
Festive Eyes Stila in the Light

Let's take a look at the shade (top row left to right, bottom row, left to right):

Bare: A matte highlight shade. I personally prefer some shimmer in my highlight so this is a bit of a downside for me.
Kitten: The cult Stila shade I'm sure everyone has heard of. I'd heard of it and seen it in videos but never really got the hype. Suffice to say I now feel this may contain actual pixie dust or other magic. It's a super shimmery champagne gold shade, but it is the most wearable, flattering shimmery shade of all time.
Bliss: A matte, very warm, almost orange toned brown - I use this as a transition shade above my crease and it has a really lovely, natural finish.
Sunset: A metallic/shimmery copper shade. I don't suit shades as warm as this all over my eyes so I use this sparingly, it is a lovely shadow though.
Sandstone: A matte chocolate brown. 
Bubbly: A metallic/shimmery shade, similar to kitten but a little darker and more warm toned.
Gilded Gold: Chocolate brown with gold shimmer running through it - I love this in the crease.
Luster: A super dark, near black, brown with gold shimmer running through it.
Night Sky: This is showing up more blue in the photo above than it does in life. It's a kind of metallic, deep, steel blue/slate grey with silver shimmer running through it.
 Ebony: A matte black.

You also get a full size Smudge Stick in Damsel inside which is handy, and, because it's a full size, you can switch in and out any other Smudge Sticks if you're travelling and want to take a favourite. Damsel is new to me; it's a very dark, matte brown and I have to say, I'm loving it alongside all the shimmery shadows.

Festive Eyes Stila in the Light
Swatched in the same order as listed above.

In terms of quality these shadows are all on point. The shimmery shades are so blendable and so flattering - it's like glitter shadows for grown ups, and the matte shades are all super pigmented and just a joy to work with; unlike some matte shades which can kinda feel like a battle.

I think the range of colours is fantastic, really fantastic. You can make an all matte look (or several) if you like, and then you have six shimmery shades to play with, some, like Kitten, are brilliant as just a sweep over the lid for everyday, whereas others like Night Sky are a little more 'out there' and pack a punch for night time. It is such a versatile palette. 

Festive Eyes Stila in the LightFestive Eyes Stila in the Light
Please excuse the dodgy photos, as ever in Scotland at this time of year I was racing the sunset. Also, I had planned to have several different looks here, but I love this one so much I haven't worn anything else the past few days!

I have Kitten  all over the lid and on the inner half of my lower lash line. I then have Gilded Gold worked into the crease and on the outer half of my lower lash line. Lastly, I used Bliss just above my crease to transition things out a little.

While I do think this is a great core palette if you like a bit of shimmer on your eyes, I would say for those that mostly wear matte but like to glitter-dabble in winter - this is the palette to go for. There are no duds, a great range of shades, all easy to work with and so flattering.

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