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Monday, 8 December 2014

My Little Christmas Tree

My Budget Christmas TreeMy Budget Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!
Ah, I feel like a proud mother hen as I sit down and write this post; this is my first ever Christmas tree of my own, well, mine and Kenny's, but I mean, my first Christmas where I'm the grown up. It's funny, because growing up my mum insisted on gold lights, tinsel and beads and I swore when I was a grown up, I would have a multi-coloured and lit tree that didn't match or look chic, it would just be happy. So of course, this year, my family watched with baited breath (slight exaggeration there for dramatic effect) to see this technicolour, forbidden tree. 
You see it's funny, now that I have my own living room I can kinda totally see why my mum didn't want it looking like a circus threw up in hers. And so I decided to go for a much more simple silver, white and gold colour scheme - which to be fair, mum also hates because it's "cold", so I guess my teenaged self would still be sorta proud,
The next challenge was doing it on a budget. Financially, it would have made infinitely more sense (or so Kenny told me repeatedly) to just skip a tree this year and pick up all kinds of awesome in the sales, ready for Christmas next year. Oh, how hard I laughed - we take Christmas pretty seriously in my house; we have traditions for everything from who hangs the lights to how to open the tin of sweeties which we always have because of course, that is also tradition, and yes, we still always refer to it as 'the tin of sweeties' even though they stopped actually coming in tins years ago which is nostalgically sad, but also, the plastic tubs are much quieter for when you're trying to sneak one.
Anyway, yes, budget friendly Christmas tree it was. I actually ended up ordering the tree from Wilkinsons for £20, mostly because they deliver and we live on the 3rd floor, and basically I get almost everything delivered now so as to be able to avoid ever having to carry things up those stairs. The tree is actually pretty good; easy to put together and for the price, it really is pretty full looking, not a bald patch in sight.

My Budget Christmas Tree
My Budget Christmas TreeMy Budget Christmas Tree

Decorations wise, we also have a tradition in my family (of course) each year since we were tots, Jens and I have chosen a bauble each to hang on the tree, meaning that each year we look back over all the mental things we chose (miniature disco ball anyone? No? Jewel clad golden leopard.... nope?) and thought were so cool when we were kids. I wanted Kenny and I to continue this tradition and was very organised at the start of our relationship; 4 months of being together in 2011 and I said to him, we need to get special ornaments this year in case you end up being the guy I marry, I don't want us to miss out on the start of this tradition. And yes, miraculously he hung aboutAnd decorated Christmas baubles.

Unfortunately we then completely lapsed in 2012... and 2013, but we're back on track this year - where are the baubles you ask? Well the first set are in a drawer at my mum's and the new set are in the wardrobe somewhere and I cant find them/can't reach them. Yeah, 0 for 4 here.

Anyway with this tradition in mind, I wanted to just buy some cheap baubles to bulk things out with the intention that every year we'd switch over a couple to 'special' baubles. So I picked up 2 boxes of 20 mini silver baubles from Tesco for £2 each. I actually like that they're mini - makes the tree look like a giant.

I did grab a couple more interesting bits from IKEA in the form of some odd, geometric shape baubles (they remind me of the gems from Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, and if that's not a valid reason to buy something, I don't know what is), and also four origami style animal baubles - super cute, and appallingly unfestive as far as my mother is concerned. 
My Budget Christmas Tree

Under the tree I have my advent calendar from my sister, which is great not only because I get to open a present everyday, but also because even this early on in December, the stand is hidden! Bonus! 

I've decided to be all thrifty this year and decorate my own wrapping paper - 25 metres of brown paper for £4.50 and a good excuse to play with glitter glue all day, I am LOVING it. I have a blog post with some ideas in it coming up, but it's really as simple or as complex as you want to make it - there's really zero artistic skill required!

My Budget Christmas Tree
My Budget Christmas Tree

I haven't picked up a whole lot else for the flat for Christmas - I kind of like the idea of adding little bits over the years; which is just as well really, as that's what budget dictates anyway. I did grab the above tealight holders from Poundland, which I was rather chuffed about. Sure, they don't look super expensive, but they're cheery and they do look like more than £1... well, I think so anyway. And, I have grabbed a few Christmas candles - the gold one above is from IKEA and it smells like heaven gingerbread. I also have a Yankee candle courtesy of my mum and, surprisingly, one of the Febreeze candles from my sister - which is actually amazing for the price, may have to stock up there.

And so that's it, my little festive-ness I have going on at the flat - it might not be much, but it's exciting 'cos it's mine. (I mean, exciting for me 'cos it's mine, it very possibly isn't that exciting for you, so, sorry, but I LOVE Christmas, I couldn't not post about this!)

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  1. Your tree is really lovely and cute but i cannot get over this wrapping paper. I took a double take when you said its self made. It looks amazing! Cant wait for the post on how you did it.


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