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Monday, 1 December 2014

November Favourites

November Beauty Favourites

Ah, I love winter favourites! But then, I love winter, so maybe that has something to do with it. I could also, to be honest, fill an entire post with non-beauty favourites this month too - but it would all be things like mince pies and festive shaped chocolates that are totally justified to eat because it's 'tradition' and not just gluttony - at least that was the rule growing up in my house. So, yeah, given all that, I think it's best if I just stick to beauty favourites...

November Beauty Favourites Crazy Rumours

Crazy Rumours is a US brand not widely available here in the UK, but stocked by Holland and Barrett, their lip balms are vegan, 100% natural, and cruelty free - oh, and they also come in some seriously freaking delicious flavours/scents. I debated between Gingerbread and Mocha but in the end, decided this one was just that bit more festive. As a balm it's moisturising, it lasts on the lips without clumping or gunking, it's pretty perfect (though it doesn't contain any SPF).

November Beauty Favourites Beauty Blender

 I actually got this months ago in my Birchbox and have only just started trying it this month - I know, crazy. I think for ages I kept forgetting I had it, then I was using a foundation that needed applied with fingers and then it got packed up for the move BUT, now I am so glad I've started using it! It does live up to the hype! I've been using it to apply the L'Oreal True Match Foundation and honestly, it just makes everything look so much more natural.

November Beauty Favourites Milani Luminoso Blush

I've worn this almost everyday I've had makeup on in November - it's just fantastic. It's a blush but I wear it as a kind of blush/bronzer and I know, in the pan it looks way to shimmery for that, but on my pale skin tone, it just works. I had several people tell me I looked 'really healthy' when I was wearing it (which always begs the question of what the hell do I usually look like, but never mind). While Milani isn't easy for us Brits to get our mitts on, Luminoso is stocked by Amazon UK - and for a great price too!

November Beauty Favourites Lush Yog Nog

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Lush soaps, it's basically all I use and, like most people, I fall in love with basically everything they release for the festive season. If I had to pick just one thing from the whole Christmas range, this would be it, hands down. It's very creamy (thanks to soya yoghurt) and moisturising for my skin and it smells, just *inhales* Uh.Maz.Ing. It smells to me a little bit like a kind of winter spiced, butterscotch Angel Delight - but, erm, that might just be me.

November Beauty Favourites MaybellineNovember Beauty Favourites Maybelline

I have two of these in the shades Lustrous Beige and Ashy Brown and, while I'm usually just not that into single shadows (such a faff opening them all), I actually really like these. I wear Lustrous Beige all over my lids as a champagne sweep when I'm just 'not doing makeup'; it's a nice nude but the shimmer makes it more fun for this time of year. Or, if I'm wanting to do a little more, I work Ashy Wood into the crease; they're so soft and easy to work with and combined they really do make a pretty and relatively effortless duo look.

I have this in the shade Eastend Snob (gee, lovely name) and I've really been quite into wearing this and just some gloss on my lips. I've always been a lipstick or nothing gal, but recently I've been enjoying mixing that up a bit more. Eastend Snob is a kind of muted rose, nude pink - very wearable, and it goes great with some flushed cheeks from being out in the cold.

November Beauty Favourites First Aid Beauty

I've known for a while that this makes a great day cream for me. I can put it on under my makeup and it won't make things slide around or look oily, but it also still delivers a real punch of moisture, which my skin really needs. Now that the weather is getting colder, what I'm noticing about this is that it's not only a great moisturiser, it's a great protector. My skin doesn't seem to get as flaky or chapped when I'm out walking about in the wind and cold - I'm running low on this, but think I may need to stock up ASAP! 
And that's where I'm going to leave it for this month - it may be a little quiet in here this month, but December's favourite post is no doubt going to be a whopper! What have you been loving in November?

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