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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Base Coat that Saved Christmas

Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Christmas Glitter Polish

After years of working jobs where you're not allowed painted nails, I am now rarely seen without something on my finger tips - I just feel oddly bare without polish. I don't love painting my nails, but with quick dry top coats, it's a lot easier and my little Bourjois remover pot makes taking the chipped polish off so much faster... well, except glitter polish.

While these remover pots are great, you simply cannot get the same speed with glitter and it really shreds the sponge inside too, now sure, I could go old -school and use cotton wool and a big ol' bottle of remover, but, ain't nobody got time for that! Most of the year I just simply don't do glitter, but around Christmas; how could you not??!? Gold sparkles, red sparkles, sod it, all the sparkles - nothing says Christmas like glittery nails (and eyeshadow, and jumpers and home decor and...) 

And so I was so excited to come across the Peel Off Base Coat from Miss Sporty. I have no idea if this is new, but it's new to me. First thought was, but surely, peeling off is pretty much what you don't want polish to do?, but on the other hand, how fantastic would it be to be able to whack this on, do some seriously OTT nails for a night out and then just quickly peel it all off for work the next morning?

Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Christmas Glitter Polish

So, above is the base coat on. What I will say, is it looks like PVA glue, smells like PVA glue, and behaves like PVA glue... so conclude from that what you will. But, anyway, you paint a thin layer on - it's easy to work with - and it dries within a minute or so. You know it's dry because it goes completely clear.

Then I just went straight in with the polish; I was using a Velvet Goth polish from Models Own to test it out - it's an opaque glitter polish, rather than a topcoat. I used my Seche Vite top coat as I always would, and the good news is, I wouldn't say the base coat made anything dry slower.
Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Christmas Glitter PolishMiss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Christmas Glitter Polish

So, these are my nails after two days. There's some tip wear on the left hand - but that's what my nails always look like after two days - and on the right I have managed to chip the thumb and pinky. The good news is that it didn't trigger the whole nail polish to peel off the nail which is what I was worried about - one chip, and all would be lost.

After three days, my nails looked exactly the same, and I decided to remove the polish. Ten seconds later I was done. Honestly, it peels of so easily, it takes each nail (well, not the nail, but the polish on the nail) off in one section, there's no chipping away at it, and it leaves no residue on the nail, so you don't have to go in with some nail polish remover to tidy things up.

Clearly, a peel off base coat was never going to extend wear time, but I wouldn't say it drastically shortened it either. I will always wear this under glitter polish now and I feel like I'll be wearing more festive, sparkly nails this year because I won't be visualising the hour of my life I'd lose to removing the whole thing afterwards.

This only costs £1.99 from Boots so it's not exactly an investment anyway, but for time time, effort, cotton wool and frustration this will save me - I think it's worth a lot more!!

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  1. I need a good base coat too :)

    Serene xoxo


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