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Monday, 5 January 2015

14 Best Finds from 2014


For the past week or so my Bloglovin' feed has been filled with '2014 favourites' posts and I love reading them, so I thought I'd do my own... but then I realised that I almost never tweak my hair or facial skin care, so a lot of it would be repeats of products I've already harped on and on and on (and on) about. So instead I thought I'd pick out some products I haven't been using for eons, and instead bring you my fourteen favourite finds from 2014:

OK, so I do occasionally try out new skin care, and holy cow am I glad I tried out this cleanser. This has now become a Holy Grail product for me for being the only cleanser I have ever found to cause my skin zero irritation. This gets the job done with no fussing. If you'd like to read more cleanser related gushing, click here.

 I'm not generally one to commit to a lipstick, it's something I usually change daily, or at best, wear for a week or so and lose/forget about, but Coffee Craze has stuck with me for almost the whole year. The perfect nude for me, great formula, drugstore prices - what's not to love? 


2014 saw me finally find the dry shampoo that works for me - which is, bizarrely one for normal/oily hair, never mind that I have crazy dry hair. I'd love to say that this is 'the best' but I think dry shampoo, like mascara, is really down to individual preference. I like this one because it really makes my hair feel freshened up and it doesn't leave a horrific residue that I have to struggle to work into my curls.

This has been kind of a gateway product for me; this was the gloss that got me to stop hating gloss. It's so comfortable and easy to wear that even I learned to love it, seriously if you can't stand hair sticking to your face or gloss on your chin, try these out before you write off the whole genre. The shade range is awesome, the price is great and oh yeah, it smells like cake.

Yup, like so many others I got my little mitts on and then promptly fell in love with the LORAC Pro Palette.It really might be the perfect palette. Great mattes, great shimmers, great formula, great shade range - it's a winner all round. I love this palette so much I've decided to 'pan it' (finish it) in 2015 - keep your eyes peeled for my progress posts on that - I can't wait to experiment with all sorts of different looks! 
I couldn't pick just one colour from this range to put forward as I have four or five and love them all! These have taken the blog world a bit by storm, so I'm sure you're sick to death of hearing about them - I'll be brief. These are a great balance between creamy and matte(ish), they last well on the lips and if, like me, you're timid with bold colours, these might be a good segway into that world as the sharp point makes them easy to apply and they don't go wandering about your face after one cup of tea. I know I said I couldn't pick just one, and I can't, but I would say Light it Up is my most worn; a classic, bright, fun red.

Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
This was only out for Christmas so I feel a little bad mentioning it, but, it was a favourite so it would be rude not to, no? This has not shot the top of my favourite bath bomb list - it leaves your bath water looking like the night sky. Not like funny water with glitter floating in it, but actually like the night sky. After we saw it fizz away a fist fight nearly broke out between Kenny and I over who was getting in the tub with it!
I tried my best not to buy too much nail polish in 2014  (hey, I said I tried, not that I succeeded), but I had to pick up a couple of these when they launched in February. Heather is my favourite, a pastel purple shade that, combined with the weird matte/silk finish is just so 90's, and we all know I love a bit of 90's right?! 
Lush Yog Nog Soap
Another Christmas only item - sorry folks - though the Glasgow store still has tons in stock, so all isn't lost yet! I have always been a Ponche girl when it comes to Christmas at Lush, but alas, no Ponche this year *sobs*. Dismayed though I was, I was confident Lush would make amends and offer something else equally awesome, which they did in the form of Yog Nog. It smells like a spicy, creamy, butterscotchy Christmas bar - but honestly, my pants description aside, this is my favourite Lush Christmas scent now. Snow Fairy Schno Fairy ;) 

I really enjoy this line of scents from The Body Shop, I wear the fragrance mists a lot as perfume (as actual perfumes often give me bad headaches), but I also enjoy the shower gels and lotions. I discovered English Dawn White Gardenia near the start of the Summer and wore it throughout, so now, it reminds me of the beach and the sun and fun times - I love when that happens with a scent! In terms of describing the scent (oh boy, here we go), it's a fruity floral scent. Not too frilly, not too sharp. It smells clean but feminine. 
Every winter I feel like I spend half my time searching for something to relieve my dry lips. It's a constant, frustrating battle, or it usually is. Ever since I started using Crazy Rumors Lip Balms I can honestly say my lips haven't been rough, cracked or sore. The lip balms themselves are cruelty free, are built on a shea butter base, contain 100% natural ingredients and are vegan. I'm still finishing off my pre-Christmas purchase, the Gingerbread version, but I'm super excited to try out a more fruity flavour when I'm done.Lemonade?! Um, yes please!! 
I actually was lucky enough to receive this in a Birchbox! Foolishly, I was skeptical of it and left it lying unopened for an embarrassingly long time, but, once I gave it a shot,well... I haven't looked back since! I'm not the best at applying foundation, I'm not brilliantly patient or skilled with a brush (ironic given my degree in art really...), the Beauty Blender gives me the most flawless application, and so quickly too. Only slight downside is that I always forget I have to wet it until after I'm all settled down in front of my mirror!


I'm not generally into drugstore shadows, it's one of the few things I feel is really worth going high end for, or at least to Urban Decay levels. I also don't really do single shadows, I never, or almost never, just use one shadow in a day, so I find singles such a space consuming faff to work with. How weird is it that these made this list then?!
Seriously though, the quality on these is outstanding, in a blind test I'd never have guessed they were drugstore. They have that buttery, pigmented feel to them. I also wear Lustrous Beige and Ashy Wood as a duo a lot, and I can totally handle the faff of that, they're worth it!

Was slightly hesitant to include this here as I couldn't quite remember if I found this at the start of 2014 or the end of 2013, but hey, it's an absolute Holy Grail item now it didn't seem right to leave it out on a technicality! I use Hottie a lot in the winter as an intensive moisturiser, especially on my arms and legs.
It provides a serious dose of hydration that, because it's oil, really clings and absorbs into the skin rather than just wiping off on the bedsheets. Also, the ingredients in the this (ginger and black peppercorns) ensure a lovely, warming, glowy feel when you rub it into your skin, perfect if, like me, you live in a little chilly flat and rubbing cold body lotion on before bed can be erm... a bracing experience shall we say?
And so that's it folks, my favourite 14 finds from 2014! What were yours? Any gems that slipped by me? Let me know in the comments below!


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