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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Empties #3

beauty empties makeup skincare hair care

Was actually hoping to save up a few more bits before doing an empties post, but I don't seem to be getting through things terribly quickly and something about having a box of empty plastic bottles sitting from one year into the next, well, it just feels weird!

beauty empties makeup skincare hair care

I had this for a fair old while and I was 'saving it for something special'  what exactly that would be in terms of showering, I have no idea, but there we are. Anyway, I noticed it was just about to expire and, with some excitement, decided I should use it up right away. Well, talk about an anti climax - this broke me out instantly, and badly. I have sensitive skin and usually I'm OK with Lush things, but every so often something just doesn't agree with me - and this was definitely one of them! While I was using it it did smell lovely and it was a whole lot of fun, the jellyness and all.

This was just a sample size I got in a Birchbox a while back, but the 20ml really seemed to last a good few uses! I liked this. It was moisturizing, easy to use with the pump, it had a nice soft herbal scent and it didn't irritate my skin. I would consider purchasing the full size, but not until I've used up some of the lotions and oils I currently have!

Lush Twilight Shower Gel (100ml)

I went back and forth on this for ages as to whether I loved or hated the smell - for some reason it never smelled like I expected it to which was disconcerting but... I think I liked it. I think. At any rate it was a nice shower gel to use before bed, it has a soothing, sleepy time scent, and it was kind to my skin. Plus... it has silver sparkles.

This was another Birchbox sample, a pretty decent sized one! I used this for ages! I really liked this for my hair: when you first apply it it seems crazy sticky and like you've massively overdone it, but within a minute or two it sorts itself out somehow and it's actually surprisingly light and uncrunchy for a mousse. I wouldn't use it everyday but it's good for when I'm past when I should have washed my hair and you know...haven't.

beauty empties makeup skincare hair care

Not a lot to say about this one: love these butters, have been using them since forever and satsuma is one of my favourite scents!

This is, as you can see, not empty, and it's not old either. So I'm slightly unamused that this has turned to a super thick, unusable gunk. I didn't leave it in sunlight or anywhere warm (it lives with all my other polishes), so I don't know what happened to it! It's actually happened before to a couple of other Models Own polishes so it does put me off buying them. This was super nice it was a topcoat that looked like snow!

Anna Sui Secret Wish Shower Gel (50ml)

I got this as part of a gift set when I bought the perfume, erm, a while ago. Yeah this was older than it should have been, but it was still fine and that's it all gone now! I actually prefer perfume shower gels and body lotions to the actual perfumes which I often find a bit overpowering. Secret Wish was the first 'proper' perfume I bought, aged 13, and I've worn it basically ever since. It still takes me back to my rebellious teenage years and makes me smile!

Lush Ponche Shower Gel (100ml)

My favourite Lush scent of all time, and it's discontinued *sobs*. It smells like orange and booze. Perfect. I have two little bottles left now, trying to make them last, but need to use them before they expire!! #firstworldproblems

beauty empties makeup skincare hair care

This came free with a magazine and I feel like I used it for a couple of weeks and then it just dried up? That might have been to do with it being a magazine freebie, but all the same it's put me off buying a full size a bit. I enjoyed the nib on this; it's a felt pen, but the nib is super long and wiggly at the tip, so you can really work it to suit.

Goodness knows how many tubes I've gone through of this! I'm without it just now and missin it sorely; the coverage and skin tone match are fantastic for me... I just wish it didn't sit in the fine lines underneath my eyes (and therefore remind me that I have fine lines at age 23!!)

Love the smudge sticks from Stila; so super easy to work on to the eyelid or lower lash line and wow they stay put. This was a lovely purple shade, but still very wearable. Unfortunately, after a little while it just refused to twist up any more! So that mean I couldn't use a lot of it! That's happened to me once before and does put me off this kind of liner as opposed to good ol' plain pencils.
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara

Picked this up in Florida and was keen to love it because it was so gentle to my lashes and it made them look great, but, I had such issues with transfer and flaking that I had to throw in the towel with it. Pretty sad about it as, like I said, I wanted to love it, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be!

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat (10ml)

OK so this one isn't empty either, but, this one is totally my fault! Just before we left for Florida I had to do a last minute nail touch up and... promptly left this on my windowsill, in direct sunlight. So yeah, only myself to blame for this one. I did love this topcoat, but actually prefer the likes of Seche Vite that are cheaper and dry faster. 

Rimmel 60 Second Polish in Movie Star

Had this for years and this Christmas it officially became too gloopy to use. Sad because I loved this, it's a super sparkly but completely opaque red, combine that with the super fast to use brush and brilliant dry time and this was like the ultimate emergency Christmas mani colour! (because yeah, emergency festive manicures are totally a thing...)

Benefit Posietint (sample)

I expected to love this: I have a very ruddy complexion and a lot of blushes just exaggerate this and make all the redness seem worse, but, I thought a cheek stain might be better and look more natural. Nope, really didn't like this on me - maybe because I'm so pale? I looked like a Georgian... 
Glad I realised this from a sample though and hadn't shelled out on a full size!

Lacura 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes

I'll actually have gone through three or four packs of these, but even I'm not weird enough to keep ALL THE PACKAGESIES. I know the idea of using face wipes is on a par with kicking kittens to some people but sometimes I forget I have makeup on until I'm in bed, or sometimes I'm lazy and I figure a wipe is better than nothing right? Anyway, these are my wipes of choice, super gentle, they take most makeup off and they're crazy cheap at 89p for a packet of 30!

OK so I thought I didn't have a lot of empties, but reading this now.. well, clearly I did. Sorry for the long post peeps, I'll try and do these more regularly so we don't all age a couple of years in the time it takes to scroll down the page!

beauty empties makeup skincare hair care



  1. I am for some reason really not a fan of stains either. It does not work as a blush or a lip product for me. On my lips i just don't really see a difference and when i wear more of it it looks uneven and as if i have eaten to many berries. On the cheeks it is first of all very very pink and i look like i have fever even when i just use tiny amounts and it still will be uneven. I even had it applied by a lady at a benefit counter in London because i thought i was just to stupid to use it. Well first of all i washed my face as soon as i got home cause i looked ridiculous and second of all i had again such an uneven result. So ye, no lip or cheek stains for me either.


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