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Friday, 9 January 2015

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues!

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues

I think it's normal to feel a little blue in January; especially after the initial burst of energy that accompanies the New Year passes. Christmas is over, money is tighter and, if you live in Scotland, you know you won't see the sun again until April.

I try really hard to stay busy during January and give myself new challenges and things to do - I look up new recipes (basically all for cheese-heavy soups) that I want to make, reorganise my wardrobe (or get half way through, give up, and just bundle the rest up under some big coats... sshhh, nobody tell Kenny!) and also to work my way through my 'to read over Christmas' list that I never actually get to read over Christmas because of cooking and entertaining (and falling into a nap as soon as I come in contact with soft furnishings)

So with all those tricks up my sleeve, you think it'd be easy to shake off those January blues - right? Well no, not really, but I do find, as well as eating and sleeping right, sometimes it takes a bit of pampering to get myself feeling ship-shape again - here's what I like to use in the dark depths on January!


It's some kind of cruel trick of nature that the month our skin is driest and needs some lovin' is also the month our homes are freezing and the thought of standing starkers and coating yourself in a cold liquid is about the least appealing thing in the world. 

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues
Lush have a couple of products that really help me out here. First off, if you enjoy some tub time, I highly recommend checking out their Luxury Bath Melts to leave you feeling not only super relaxed, but also super smooth and silky. (I especially recommend Dreamtime for a cosy, sleepy feeling before bed).

Not into soaking in the bath? I also enjoy their Solid Scrubs and Butters for using in the shower - there's King of Skin if you want to be gentle and just give yourself some hydration, but, if you really want to exfoliate and get rid of that dry skin without being too harsh, I highly recommend using Buffy for the job. Both these bars are made with lovely essential oils that hang about on your skin (in a good way, not like the teenagers that hang around outside Spar every night) and leave your skin soft and protected. 


My skin is always at its worst in January it's probably not really a shocker though; lots of unhealthy food over the Christmas period, lots of heavier foundation than I wear in the dewy Summer months and of course, the constant wind and rain drying everything out. Whatever the reason, it's definitely the time of year that I take a little more interest in skin care. 

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues

For a day cream, I think it's important to find something that not only softens skin at the time, but that provides some protection and wind chill and chapped skin as you go about your day. For this, I like to use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - it's very hydrating, it dries quickly so you can put your makeup on easily, and it really does provide some kind of magical barrier over the course of the day.

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues

And let's face it, January is the perfect month to snuggle up after dinner with a face mask on (that way you can kid yourself you're staying home again by choice and not because you're a) skint and b) worried you'll be transported to Oz if you step out in that wind). Different face masks work for different people of course, but for me, I have a couple of reliable go-tos. For some TLC and hydration I like, again from First Aid Beauty, the Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask. If I'm looking for something that offers some revitalizing without being stripping or drying, I turn to one of the fresh face masks from Lush in the form of The Sacred Truth. The Sacred Truth contains fruit enzymes that exfoliate and enliven, gently, and leave skin feeling so smooth and just, clean.


Sometimes, try as I might, there are just some days that I look outside at the weather and sincerely debate breaking a leg so I don't have to go out in it (oh, the maturity). Some days are just bleugh, even when you're trying to be positive about them, so, in January, I like to keep a little arsenal (*snigger*) of products to bust out and make me feel instantly happier and more motivated. 

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues

Red Nail Polish - choose your shade, choose your finish, choose your brand, but red nails are a timeless, classic way to instantly take you from bedraggled to chic (or at least they help, I mean, a bit, kind of ..). In winter I always feel better with a bright polish on my hands (and my toes, but who's to know?- it stops my paws looking corpse-y and makes it look like I'm making more of an effort than I am. Choose a bright red to continue to rock that festive feeling, an oxblood red to be on trend and sophisticated or, a classic red to be able to prance around and pretend you're a 1940's Hollywood Starlet when nobody else is home.

That lipstick. We all love trying new makeup; experimenting with different trends and looks, but, for me, January is not the time. I know it should be 'New Year, New You' and all that, but I personally like to spend January clad in that lipstick, the one that makes me feel positive and powerful (but not in a like bizarre Dr. Evil way...), I mean the lipstick that is on point, that finishes my 'game face' as it were. This year, it's Rimmel's Glam Plum Fullham - a magenta/purple berry type shade.

Favourite Products to Fight January Blues

And so that's it folks; my tips for surviving January with a smile on your face - at least as far as choosing beauty products go (I can't actually help with the despair that will come when someone eats the last of the Christmas cheese...). I hope it's maybe given you a few ideas - though, to be honest, you maybe shouldn't listen to me about 'coping with January', I still have my Christmas tree up!

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