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Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Haul

...Um, so did I mention that I was supposed to be on a spending ban this month? Yeah, that did not work out so well then, did it? But wait, here me out, some of it is justified... well, kind of. A bit. In my head anyway.

So the first hurdle was the Lush Valentines Day Collection launching - I could quite honestly have bought all of it this year; a really great lovely range of products. I had, however, limited myself to one purchase from each seasonal range this year and from this range I just couldn't resist the Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.75) this is supposed to smell like Pomegranate and Vanilla but to me it smells like crazy yummy Turkish Delight. My mum then kindly bought me Floating Flower Bath Bomb (£3.50) as a little 'cheer up' present - Floating Flower smells like jasmine, which I love, but be warned, if you don't you'll really want to avoid this as it is a strong scent. And finally, what with it being the Valentines Day range and all, Kenny picked me up something too (and gave it to me early for blog purposes, ah, he knows me so well). From him I got the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£3.25) - this, to me, looks like it should smell sickly sweet (Candy Mountain Bubble Bar anyone?), but it actually has a super relaxing and natural lavender scent which is, frankly, much more 'me'. 

I was lucky enough to receive a £20 Topshop voucher for Christmas but, as grateful as I was for the gift, I do not like Topshop clothing (I have never had a piece that lasts any length of time without fading/stretching/ripping/fraying etc) so I was fairly certain I was going to buy shoes or makeup... that was until I clocked the red jumper (you can only really see it in the first photo of the post, woops). It was reduced to £15 - nice! Then, I also spied some sale makeup bits and so, I picked up the Grunge Sticks (essentially cream shadow sticks) in Unkempt and Go-Go - I had almost bought these several times when they were £7 each, so it was nice to have the chance to pick them up for £1 each! I also picked up an Eyeshadow Trio in Nebula for £3, which contains three super pretty (if not super wearable) metallic shades.

Cashed in some Boots Points this month too (because then it's not really shopping, is it?) and picked up another of the Maybelline Color Show Singe Shadows  because I am in love with the formula; I have never been a drugstore shadow girl, but these feel seriously luxurious. This time around I picked up the shade Chic Taupe. Also from Maybelline, I bought one of their Colorsensational Lipsticks in the shade Velvet Beige which is a very wearable, deeper, red-toned nude (ever so slightly marsala-esque).
Then over at Bourjois I finally swatched their shadow quads that launched some time last year. I own quite a few of the trios that have been around forever, and while their fine, they don't knock my socks off and so I never bothered swatching the quads, figuring they'd be just the same. Nope, the quads seem to be much better quality - and the shades in the set I bought Good Nude - are nudes, but definitely a bit different from your run of the mill shades.

Repurchased a couple of 'essentials' this month too - namely the Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover, which, while it doesn't easily remover every single trace of say, waterproof mascara, it is the only eye makeup remover I've found that does a pretty decent job and doesn't make my eyes feel like they're on fire. Also bought a new Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Pot as I had had my existing one for a while... as in to the point where you'd put your finger in and it would come out with more polish on it than there was before you stuck it in there. Yes, 'yuck' indeed.

Added a few more bits from Makeup Revolution to my stash this month too - I just cannot  get enough of that brand! In Superdrug I spotted the Flawless Eyeshadow Palette which, I'd seen online, but if I'm honest, thought it would be a bit rubbish because it's just so much shadow for the money. I was very wrong; it's the same (great) quality as other MUR palettes. Then I picked up two highlighters; one in Golden Lights, which, if I'm honest, isn't as golden on the skin as I'd hoped for, and the other is Pink Lights which is a pretty pink highlighter indeed! And lastly, I chose the #SELFIE eyeshadow palette because I thought it just looked like a nice, dinky little palette full of very wearable shades - I was right, it really is cute. It also came with a sample size MUR Eyeshadow Primer which I'm excited to try as let's face it; those Urban Decay ones are pricey!

And then lastly, yup, I went a little daft in Superdrug and picked up a few bits I'd had my eye on for ages. From Bourjois I picked up another shade of their Color Edition Eye Shadows in the shade Prune Nocturne - which for some reason is showing in the photo above a lot cooler toned than it is; it's really a deep kind of cranberry red. Then, from GOSH a brand I don't know really anything about, I couldn't resist taking home two of their Forever Eyeshadows in Silver Rose and Plum. These are cream pencil shadows that have a super intense, metallic finish to them - but seriously they are so, so pigmented and easy to work with. May need to get more...
And to finish off, I chose a couple of things from Maybelline, one being the love-it-or-hate-it Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I've yet to wear it, but will let you know how I feel about it when I do. And, I'm in a total cream blush phase just now, so I chose the Maybelline Dream Soft Blush in Peach 'cos I thought that would a nice, bright shade to wear into spring. 

And so that wraps up about the least successful no-buy of all time. Well done me. Going to try and reign it in next month... again. Although it is my birthday month, so, you know.

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