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Friday, 23 January 2015

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb Review

First off, LOLZ at my delightfully tasteful, fake grass soap holder - it's so great to finally have my own place to decorate with so much class and subtle nuances of chic. Anyway, today it's time to hit the tub for another Lush Bath Bomb Review - this time, I'm trying out a new one for me, Honey Bee (Oh hey, cool, I rhymed, well, sort of anyway...)

I feel like I haven't done a review like this in ages, and indeed, according to my spiffing spreadsheet, I haven't since Halloween week. I think it's just moving into an old, Glasgow flat in winter, it means I'm not that likely to have the urge to remove my 13 pairs of pyjamas and sit in the tub in the middle of the day - but, bathing at night (because I am still bathing, I promise... despite the cold) means poorly lit photos such as these. Roll on the longer days, that's all I can say...

Honey Bee costs £3.35 and is available from Lush all year round as part of their permanent line. It shares a scent with the Honey I Washed the Kids soap which is, to be more specific, a honey/toffee combo of deliciousness. It's a sweet scent, but not sickly sweet at all.
Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb Review
Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb Review

In terms of what it 'does', visually, the answer is not a lot. It fizzes away which is of course, always fun, but there's no glitter, bells or whistles to be found here. However, this bath bomb contains an interesting combination of ingredients: Honey and Aloe Vera which are soothing and moisturising, and then, there's also Rhassoul Mud which is cleansing - all this means that this is a great 'all rounder', gentle and soothing but leaves your skin feeling nice and clean and fresh too.

It does turn the bath water a slight tinge of gold, but it's not super intense, which is fine by me (because by extension, it also doesn't leave any kind of residue all over the tub that I need to clean off..). Overall I would say that this is a great bath bomb if you're looking for something mellow, that's kind to skin and smells amazing. If you like your bath bombs to be more like a party in da tub, then this one maybe isn't the best.

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