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Thursday, 1 January 2015

What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas Haul

I love reading these posts from other people; definitely some of my favourite of the year, I suppose it's because a) I'm nosey and b) it's lovely to hear/read people talking about how grateful they are for gifts they received from loved ones. I know some people hate these posts because they seem 'gloaty', so I apologise if you feel that way, but I like to do a post like this to really take time to appreciate all that I was given - and to share it with other nosey people like me!

Also, I just chose a selection of bits and bobs to share with you this year. Things are missing for a couple of reasons:

a) Some gifts I hadn't received yet when I took these photos, but I was too excited to hold off any longer to do the post.
b) Some things I started using instantly, like the lovely handbag from my sister (thank you Jens!) so of course, I forgot to gather them when I took these photos.
c) I received a LOT of chocolate and treats this year but seeing as how I managed to somehow 'misplace' a large quantity of it before photo time *blush*, I decided to just omit all of it... ahem... moving on
d) and lastly, because we moved into our flat this year we were lucky enough to receive a lot of household things, from a fridge freezer and microwave to drain cleaning tools and dish cloths - all fantastic for us, but maybe not so exciting for you, so, with that in mind I just picked a selection of the most relevant gifts to my blog to show you.

What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul

So the first thing that I'm sure will jump out to the makeup lovers is the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set (which I forever wrongly name as the 'Sweet Cheeks' set... awkies). I have never tried a blush from Benefit until now, so when I saw this set appear I gave Santa some hefty hints ... and a URL link ... and collected it from store. So yes, I was very pleased (if not surprised) to find this waiting for me on Christmas morning.

(Also, don't panic, I'm not actually going to go through everything or we'd be here all day)

Got some of my beloved Rose Jam from my sister - for me this might be the nicest rose scent ever. It's so fresh and not old ladyish and musty at all. Also from Lush, and from my sister, I got a Butter Bear. Butter Balls are my favourite Lush bath bomb and frankly, what in life isn't made better by being shaped like a bear?

I also received my first ever Stila Lip Glaze, which was a total surprise to me and I am so excited to try. My sister chose the shade Vanilla which is a pale nude, and just the kind of thing I love!

I also received a couple of the Bourjois 24hr Colour Edition Creme to Powder Shadows, which I have been excited to try for a while - I wonder how they'll compare to my beloved Maybelline Color Tattoos??!

And lastly in the photos above, there's Pretty Honest by Sally Hughes which was all the rage a while ago and I have been longing to get my mitts on ever since - haven't started it yet but looking forward to snuggling up and reading it some rainy day in January (so that's any day really...)

What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul

As well as getting my first ever Benefit blushes to try, this Christmas I also got my first ever Lipstick Queen lippies to try! I received the Lipstick Queen Discovery Set which includes three very wearable full size lipsticks - can't wait to play with these!

Got some brilliant Primark staples too - thank goodness - my flat is freezing so the gift of the Velvet Plush Leggings and the massive Fleecy Minnie Pyjamas is much appreciated - thanks mum!

Another cosy gift was the cute slippers above which were from Debenhams. I never, ever wore slippers until I moved into the aforementioned freezing flat, and now I shudder at the thought of walking around without any!

Lots of Soap and Glory bits for me too, hurrah! Love the smell of Orangeasm and it's great to be stocked up again on favourites like Heel Genius, my scaly feet appreciate it (relax... I jest... pretty much).

Beauty Bay was selling a fantastic First Aid Beauty Moisturizing Set which was fantastic value; it contained the Hydrating Repair Cream that I was needing to stock up on anyway, as well as the sensitive cream, the lip treatment and the oatmeal mask. So, so excited about this gift!  
What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul
What I got for Christmas Haul

The Butter Bear wasn't the only Lush gift under my tree, Kenny bought me a Mr Frosty which is so cute! So cute that unfortunately, I'm not sure I can bear to unwrap him!

And, a little unexpectedly, one of my favourite gifts from my mum cost £1. Yup, it's the little blue circle above with the mouse on it - it's silicone and it forms an airtight seal on the top of your mug of tea, and keeps it all toasty - how brilliant??! (Have I mentioned my flat is cold?)

The last thing I'll mention the brilliant Body Shop Hand Cream from my sister - it's the Absinthe version and, as well as smelling amazing, it's great for covering food smells on your hands, which is brilliant because I love to cook but hate my hands smelling like garlic for the rest of the day!

I was a very lucky girl this year and I received so many thoughtful and useful gifts, as well as loads of treats I could never justify myself but will love playing with. I could go on, there's a lot in the photos I haven't rambled about, but I fear this post has already filled it's rambling quota so I'll shut up for now!

I hope you all had a lovely safe, happy Christmas with your families and that Santa was good to you too!




  1. I love these posts too! I got Sali Hughes book; looking forward to reading it. The way you said you misplaced the chocolate really made me chuckle!

    Simone |

  2. I love reading these types of posts and I loved seeing all the gorgeous things you got! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

  3. Love this post :) You got lovely pressies xx


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