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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Valentines Day at Lush

Valentines Day at Lush 2015

It's been tough saying goodbye to my Lush Christmas faves - as let's face it, there were some real gems this past year, but the launch of the Valentines Day collection has more than softened the blow. 

I feel like I could literally have bought everything from this collection and been happy - but I have been restrained and chose my three favourites: the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£3.25) the Floating Flower Bath Bomb (£3.50) and the Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.75)

Valentines Day at Lush 2015 Prince Charming

The Prince Charming Shower Gel was part of the collection last year too, but I must not have sniffed it - or I would have bought it for sure. Scented with Fairtrade Vanilla and Pomegranate this somehow ends up smelling like Turkish Delight to me? Not that I'm complaining, I love that scent: it's sweet but certainly not on a Snow Fairy level!

Valentines Day at Lush 2015 Unicorn Horn

New this year we have the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar which to me, is the kind of thing Lush limited edition collections are all about; hella cute and 'wantable' but still made with good quality, ethically sourced ingredients. This smells like lavender so it's nice and relaxing and will help you drift off and have nice, sweet dreams (hopefully about unicorns).

Valentines Day at Lush 2015 Floating Flower

 And the last item I chose is the Floating Flower Bath Bomb which smells like jasmine, no, I mean it really smells like jasmine - so avoid this if you don't love that scent!! This fizzes away so slowly and decadently in the tub - it feels like a real treat for the senses, not to mention your skin; it leaves the tub water silky smooth.

Will you be picking up (or dropping hints for) anything from the Lush Valentines Day collection? What are you most tempted by?


  1. It's a lovely way to pamper yourself for valentines, I think I will try this for next valentines.

  2. Prince charming sounds pretty good!! (:

    Nati xx


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