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Monday, 16 March 2015

Finally Editing those Holiday Photos...

I mentioned ages ago, in the Beating Post Holiday Blues post that I wrote just after returning from Florida last September - that I always struggle to look over the photos and video I took while away having a great time in the Sunshine State. It always makes me sad at first, it just makes me miss everything and feel so gutted that it's all over.
This year I felt that worse than ever; I've been lucky to visit Florida often in my life (and believe me, I'm not taking that for granted or belittling it) but, this past year was my last trip for, well, who knows. It ain't a cheap holiday and other 'real world' things have to be the priority for the foreseeable future. So yes, I was feeling a little sorry for myself.
These past couple of weeks though, I've finally got round to opening up the folders and raking about in all the photos of things that seemed super important at the time but are now completely unrecognisable - I'm not the only one that ends up with loads of those kinds of photos, right? It's been sad, and happy, and sad some more. Sure, I miss the place, and yup, I'd pretty much sell a kidney to go back this year, but at the same time, looking back over the photos I've remembered things: little things mostly, and Kenny and I have reminisced and chatted about the holiday at length recently - kinda reliving it a little together.


Am I the only one who takes ages to actually go back and edit holiday photos? Any creative ideas for what to do with them (if I actually ever get them all sorted)?

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