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Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Top Picks: Revlon

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with Revlon as a brand: sometimes, their products blow me away, but on the other hand there's certainly been times I've been really disappointed with some of the things I've tried from them. Definitely some hit or miss experiences for me within the brand, but, focusing on the positive, here are my top picks from Revlon.

Revlon Rose Glow

I absolutely love this as a highlighter. As the name suggests, I have the pinky, rose toned version which works great with my very cool skin tone without accentuating any existing redness in either my cheeks or eyes. This comes in strips of varying shades meaning you can either cherry pick the perfect shade for the look your creating, or just swirl your brush about for a lovely glow. Also, a plus, these look great on top of shadows to add a lovely pearl/shimmery finish.

I have a few of these, but my favourite by far is Cappuccino which is (shockingly enough), a pale, nude brown shade. I know the lustrous, frosty finish isn't for everyone, but I love how it looks with a darker eye - it's like wearing a nice lipgloss, without all the hassle and annoyance that is wearing a lip gloss.

Possibly the cutest nail polish bottles of all time in my opinion! And no, that alone isn't enough to put them on a favourites list - but it certainly helps! The formula of these is really good and the shade range also offers quite a few different options that can't be replicated across all the other makeup counters in Boots, which is refreshing, even if a lot of them aren't to my personal taste. These are scented - hence the 'parfumeire' gimmick - but for me, it's not a big deal. I wear a top coat, which kinda obscures the scent anyway, and certainly, a scent certainly wouldn't make or break a nail polish purchase for me.  

Revlon Lip Butter Creme Brulee
Revlon Lip Butter Berry Smoothie

4. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters (£7.99)

I own, um, a 'few' of these, shall we say - for good reason though, these are wearable, kind to lips and surprisingly durable. The shade range is fantastic - there really is something for every kind of look, and I feel like the quality is pretty much great right across the range - brights, nudes and vamps are all evenly pigmented and easy to apply. I honestly love so many of these, but if I had to pick favourites (or at least my most worn) It'd have to be Creme Brulee - a very pale caramel brown, Berry Smoothie - a pinky berry shade, great for autumn, and, Pink Truffle - a mid, browny, pink shade. If you've never seen these before, I'd strongly recommend having a little swatch next time you're in Boots! 

And those would be my top picks from Revlon - generally speaking I love their nails and lips; eye shadow has always been a bit of a let down, but then, I can always be a bit picky with drugstore stuff. 

What are your favourite things from Revlon? Is there anything I'm missing out on that I should really try?

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