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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Signing Off, Sort Of

Not the easiest post to write, that's for sure, and one that I've put off for, potentially, far too long. I started this blog in November 2013 - although it seems like yesterday - and at the time I was abuzz with the excitement of beauty blogging. Blogs were springing up everywhere, it was a fun community to be part of, I felt passionate about the subject - I loved writing this blog, so, so much. I threw myself into posting daily while working full time and I thrived on planning my posts and coming up with new ideas.

I 'met' some lovely people through blogging, some really kind souls who offered great words of support and advice on issues that I wouldn't have so easily discussed in 'the real world'. I loved seeing the positivity in the community and the success of those around me - it's been a really exciting thing to be part of, and I'm incredibly grateful for every reader, follower and supporter I've had over this past 18 months. Truly, thank you. 

As time has moved on, so has my life - I've moved out, to the big city no less, I'm older, - and with all that, my interests have changed. Do I still love my makeup? Heck yeah!! (I have 100+ lipsticks that stand to prove that fact...) Do I still love reading other peoples' beauty blogs? Of course! But is it my main focus now?  No, no it isn't.

A lot of it is for potentially practical reasons - having your own flat means a lot more choices for what to spend pennies on. For me, shopping used to be a tough choice between clothes or makeup, but now, I'm spending time browsing flooring options for our kitchen (which, trust me, if you knew how small our kitchen was, you'd think was hilarious - there's only about 2 sq. ft of floor in it - but still, I want it to be just right...). And the thing is, I'm not bummed about spending less money on makeup and bath bombs - not at all - I'm excited about this new chapter of my life that involves cushions and trying Glasgow restaurants, but because I'm excited about this, of course I want to blog about it - and I rather feel that I've hemmed myself in on this site as a 'beauty blog' and don't have the freedom to do that now.

I've also come to feel, because there are so many beauty blogs out there, it's easy (and this is just my personal experience of course) to get caught up in doing what everyone else is doing. On needing to pick something up from each Lush collection to review, on worrying about not having appropriately seasonal beauty content up, on fixating on new product releases even if actually you're not that into them. Over time, as much as I love producing beauty content, I certainly became less inspired to produce seven posts a week about it all - so I cut down, and I cut down and I took a break, and then ultimately, realised that this isn't worth doing if my heart isn't in it. It's not right for me, and it's not right for my readers to put out content that isn't top notch. 

So that's what I came to say basically. is coming to an end - as you know it at least. I'm going to relaunch the site as a lifestyle blog where I'll have a lot more freedom to just be me. Beauty content will still, without a doubt, feature - often heavily at times I imagine - but I'll also be branching out into restaurant reviews, DIYs, cooking stuff, diary style posts and just generally the goings on of my life. While I would of course love you, my readers, to stay with me, I respect entirely that this might not be your cup of tea at all - and I understand that, I really do. I do now, and will continue from now, to make YouTube beauty videos (I'm Kitty Blackadder on YouTube too) - I'm a part of the Project Panning community over there so while it is all beauty related there's a lot less hauls and collection tours and a lot more empties and declutter videos - but still, the option's there, should anyone be interested in it.

I sat down to write this post feeling somewhat relieved that I was finally ready to say goodbye to my blog as I've known it, and now, as I near the end and contemplate taking it down - it's actually so hard to do. It's been a huge part of my life for 18 months and there's lots of memories - from getting my first ever follower, to awkwardly asking my other half to photograph me as I posed incredibly badly in a massive tartan coat in the back garden, to rushing in from work and racing the sunset to try and get those photos taken. For all the shots that I thought were perfect until I uploaded them and saw my pyjama clad self in the palette's mirror, or all the extreme concentration and tension put into trying to describe the scent of a bubble bar just right. It's been an incredible journey and I feel I've learned a lot and will take a lot with me as I move forward through life.

Once again I'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone who's followed me over the year and a bit I've been doing this - without you all reading and supporting me I'd have given up long ago.

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  1. You do you girl! It's your blog and you should write about whatever you like. I'm excited to see new content about everything you've been doing lately. So proud of you ;)
    At first I thought you were quitting blogging as a whole, and I just wanted to scream noooo! I've only been blogging myself for 3 months and I've only discovered your blog for maybe 2 months. I love your posts and your videos and I'm glad they're not going to disappear :)

    Good luck with everything! Xx
    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog


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