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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist

Not going to lie, had this one in the skincare drawer for a while, and was always a bit meh about it (begging the question of why I bought it in the first place I suppose, but anyway). A moisturising face mist? What would that actually achieve? Not enough hydration to be used as a stand alone moisturiser... so?

Recently, having found a foundation (L'Oreal True Match R1C1) an application method (Beauty Blender) and powder (Bourjois' Healthy Mix in Vanilla) that work for me, I've been looking to experiment with primers and setting sprays to see if they can add anything else to this routine - because, I mean it's good, but surely we should always strive for excellence - non?

I've erm, not been having an awful lot of luck with the whole thing to be honest, having taken an allergic reaction to two face primers and a setting spray, and the one face primer that didn't irritate my skin did little to nothing for me (Benefit's That Gal, in case you were wondering). So, imagine my excitement when looking through my skin care drawer one day I put my hand on The Body Shops' Vitamin E Face Mist and read that it could be used as a makeup setting spray.... oh rrrreeeealllly?

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist

So, first of all, this comes in a 100ml spray bottle and when you spray it it actually is just a nice, even, fine mist - it's a pet hate of mine when using a setting spray and some of it is a fine mist, but there's also some massive droplets in there which mark your makeup! Scent wise it doesn't have a lot going on, just a very gentle, soft, clean scent - you only notice it a little as you spritz and then not at all after.

In terms of functionality, for me, what this does is make my makeup look less on my face, and more at one with my face, if that makes sense? Having dry skin that often sucks at absorbing things, I can sometimes feel as though my foundation (no matter what moisturiser I use underneath) looks a little too distinctly like a separate layer on my face - basically, sometimes I feel I 'look' as though I'm wearing makeup, which of course, is not a great look anyone aspires to when it comes to foundation. 

Now, for me, the Beauty Blender does a great job of softening things down and creating a natural look, but this spray really tips it over the edge. It just gives my face such a natural, healthy, fresh finish - for me, it's absolutely worth it as a last step. I can't say this does anything to make my makeup last any longer throughout the day, so if that's the kind of setting spray you're after, this might not be for you, but, if you're looking for something to just give your makeup finish that extra oomph, I would really suggest checking this out.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Spray costs £8.50 and is available, here - though The Body Shop often runs mad sales and offers, so I'd always hold out for one of those before purchasing!

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