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Friday, 6 March 2015

What's in my First Z Palette?

z palette eye shadow

Despite owning more than a dozen single shadows, I can honestly say - with one or two exceptions - I almost never reach for them. I am a palette girl through and through; I like the options, getting to make choices each day, the chance to experiment. There's something about single shadows - I just kind of forget what I have because I never open them up and take a look at them.

So roll on the Z Palette. Available on for around £20, I was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday gift - I chose the hot pink version obvs. The idea behind a Z Palette, in case you're not familiar with them, is that you can depot shadows; be it singles or palettes, and arrange them as you like in here using magnetic stickers so that they can be removed/changed about as often as you like.

When it came time to decide what to put in mine, I knew I didn't just want to clump a whole bunch of anything in here, because, even if I like all the shades, I'm unlikely to reach for the palette if I can't use it alone to make a look. So that means that it needed to have some practical, core shades; such as a highlight, deep matte shade and mid brown for blending, in addition to some fun stuff to play with.

So here's what made it into the line up!

z palette eye shadowI own four shadows from the Maybelline Color Show Mono Shadow line, and I knew from the start that all four had to be in here. - unfortunately (and yes, I did learn this the hard way...) Lustrous Beige which is probably my favourite of the four actually isn't in a metal pan and therefore couldn't be depotted! So, the remaining three that made it in are: Chic Taupe; a very cool taupe shade, Copper Fizz; a bold, orange copper shade, and Ashy Wood, a deep ash brown (so, that's that 'deep matte brown' box ticked nicely ...).

z palette eye shadow

I then have three of the 17 Single Shadows - which appear to now be discontinued unfortunately - and I knew I wanted two to go in: Walnut Pearl (a warm, but not too bronzey mid brown),  and Statuesque (a pinky, grey pale pearly shade), the third Violet Rock, I wasn't so sure about. It's a lovely, dusky violet, matte shade, and the quality is there, but I mean, how often to I reach for non-neutral shades? In the end I put it in, deciding that it would be nice to have just one or two wearable colours in there, you know, in case there's a blue moon or something.

z palette eye shadow

I only own one MAC Shadow (and almost totally forgot to put in my palette when I was doing it...) so of course, it made sense to pop it in here and finally get some use out of it. The shade I have is Satin Taupe, which is, a not-too-cool taupe with silver shimmer to it. It's a classic for a reason!

I then also added in a single Makeup Revolution Shadow in the shade Touch Me which is just a matte, cream shade that I thought might be good to have for blending out etc. 

z palette eye shadow

And the last single shadow I decided to put in was from Essence and it's in the shade Party All Night. It's an almost foil effect shadow in a silver/gold shade. it's surprisingly soft and pigmented for the £2 price tag, and, while it's not an 'everyday to work' shade, I feel I would like to start playing with it a bit - and goodness knows that'll never happen if I don't put it in a palette!

Then, as there was still a surprising amount of space left, I started looking at trios and quads I might like to depot too. One thing I know about myself is that, if I can't make a look I like from a quad/trio without having to grab other shadows to make up what's missing - I'll pretty much never reach for it. 

z palette eye shadow

The first thing that jumped out at me when I started thinking about this criteria was the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff Quad in What's Nude. Lovely shadows, they go well together, great quality - but for me, it's kind of one highlight and three mid tones - I really miss a deep shade in there, so of course, I never reach for it

z palette eye shadow

Then, I came across a random Wet n Wild Trio, the name of which I don't know (and not 'cos I've already thrown out the packaging before writing this... although, now you mention it...), there was no name on the container, and I can't find it online! It's not one of the black packaged Color Icon series, it's one of the ones in the silver case. Anyway, it has two browns: a kind of chocolate brown, and a slightly green toned golden shade (which, by the way <3), and then the third shade is a pale-ish, slightly blue toned green - again, like Violet Rock, not something I reach for a lot, but, if I was going to reach for a non-neutral shade, this might well be it.

z palette eye shadow

And then, there was just one more quad to go - it had all gone pretty well so far really, I mean, given it was my first time depotting anything. Famous last words, as they say. They last quad I wanted to add to the Z Palette was the Topshop Quad in Tuxedo. Again, nice quality shadows - but, there's like one light shadow and three really dark ones, so it was never going to be a stand alone quad. Anyway, the packaging on this was kind of thick, so that heating it just wasn't really working, so I decided to try and pop the top off - bad move - I applied just a little pressure and all four shadows shattered! I did eventually get them all out, but, erm, minus about 50% of their original product! Not a huge deal in this case as they weren't expensive and I don't love them, but still - it was a little alarming! 

And that, folks, is what is in my first ever Z Palette! I'm looking forward to playing with it over the next couple of weeks, and who knows, maybe I'll love my lineup, or maybe it'll become quite quickly apparent I'm missing key shades - either way, I'm excited to see what it's like, using a palette I've put together myself!

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  1. There are some very pretty colour in there!
    I enjoy your videos so much as well, please keep making them :)

    I posted a video tutorial today, about my day-to-night make up look!

    Love, Charline


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